A positive playlist series curated for whichever phase in your self-love journey you might be going through.

The Uplift I: Loneliness
Let these songs be your reminder that even times of loneliness don’t last forever.

The Uplift II: Insecurity
When you’re feeling a little insecure and could use some reassurance that everything will, as a matter of fact, be okay.

The Uplift III: Perseverance
You might be facing some difficulties, but does that mean you’ll throw in the towel and give up?

The Uplift IV: Growth
That feeling when you realise that you’ve come out stronger after a difficult and challenging situation.

The Uplift V: Confidence
Are you ready to take on the world?

so you said i’ll sit straight on the couch like friends do,

and i’ll stop kissing your mouth like friends do,

cause i can’t look at you quite like friends do,

you don’t say my name quite like friends do,

i kiss your neck does it feel like friends do?

so baby say it again i dare you.

does this feel like what friends do?