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Aaaaah! Thank you so much! It means a bunch that you took the time to stop by <33 It amazes me to know that people are sharing my art around to others too, kinda warms my heart a lot actually ;u; Thank your best friend for me. And of course, thank you for finding me ya bean ;;u;; <3

im gonna try to draw the paladins with eeveelutions! (Idk if its been done already or not..??)

So here’s what I was thinking:

Pidge-leafeon and jolteon
Lance-vaporeon and glaceon

Awesome-sauce! 😝 ☺️

A lot of people are still adamant that there will be some drama with the panel and all, but I’m honestly just sitting here actually believing in this ENTIRE Supergirl fandom. Really I don’t think anyone would cause any ruckus simply because this shows followers don’t seem all that bad to me. I mean really I just think that a lot of you are really passionate about your ships, representation, idols, and just what Supergirl means to you in general. Yeah there might be a select few who take it out of proportion, but you guys are all awesome and outshine all of the negativity. And comic-con seems like an honest place where people come together and geek it out with their fandom (Or so I’ve heard. Curse you mother for not conceiving me sooner!! But I’ll get there one day) Anyway I just wanted you ALL to know that you’re awesome for sticking with this show, giving the actors the love and support. I’m seriously (💯%) sure the actors really appreciate you. I mean seriously the stuff you guys make, and all that creativity directed towards THIS show is—my mind is 💥 . You guys are the real MVP’S 🏆 🏆  🏆 And yeah that’s really all I wanted to say. Or is it write?

Have a beautiful and wonderful day… 😄  😝

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Hello! New girl here (in tumblr and Katie's fandom, I would say I'm straight but Katie McGrath and Hayley Atwell have made me rethink my life, I mean, I hadn't felt attracted to any girl friend before??? And since I got a tumblr (and these beautiful fandoms) I've been noticing how pretty girls are, and now I can only think how did I never notice I'm bisexual?

Hello love! Welcome to the fandom! So happy to have you. 💗 I will be honest, I can relate. Katie deserves a portion of the credit as she was one of the women that led to me at least questioning my sexuality a bit more. And the way we obsess over all of these beautiful women (for me especially Katie McGrath and Natalie Dormer) it would definitely make it a bit easier to notice 😂

Again welcome to the fandom! You’ve come to the right place for all of the Katie love and appreciation! Hope you like it here!💗

Lena Luthor Appreciation - Day 7 Free Choice

This is just a Katie/Lena appreciation note for giving me the inspiration I have been lacking for YEARS to start writing again. Katie’s acting triggered something I thought was gone for good, and there are many reasons that her talent awakened my creativity and inspiration from a 10+ year hibernation. I love having something to throw myself into other than work, and the complexity/layers/wonderful way she brings Lena to life has just resonated with me. I’m beyond thrilled that she got the well deserved promotion to series regular so we can see more of this perfect face, and her amazing talent. I don’t always have faith in the writers, but I know whatever they throw at Lena, Katie will bring it with magic. 

Dramatic- Carter Hart

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Ok so here we go! A little baby goalie loving for you all! And if this isn’t me idk what is so I hope someone can #relate as well! Lol! Enjoy guys!

Warning: drama, mentions of death

@santa-fes Request: Hello fren, could u pls write me somethin bc I am not havin a good time atm. If u could it would be much appreciated. Thank you katie 💕


              You were laying on the couch, your arm thrown over your face, taking deep breaths when Carter came home from practice.

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Neurologist Appointment

Hey everyone. I’d appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and/or good vibes today.

Two nights ago I lost all vision in my right eye for a short period of time. I’ve been having similar episodes with this eye for about a year, but I’ve never completely lost my sight. I already had a check up yesterday with my regular doctor, and I mentioned it to her. She sent me straight to my optometrist. They ran several tests, all of which showed irregularities with the positioning of my optic nerve. Where or should dip down, it instead rises. So something has moved it. My eye doctor has set me up with a neurologist today at 2:30 central USA time. The top three concerns they want to rule out it diagnose asap are 1) brain tumor 2) brain bleed 3) a build up of spinal fluid, which is very dangerous, but also the easiest to treat. The eye doc said it could be 15,000 different things, but these three need to be ruled out first as they are the most concerning and could quickly lead to total blindness in my right eye.

I’d so appreciate your thoughts today. It could be something so simple, but when doctors start throwing around concerns and terms like “brain tumors” … well it’s stressful. I will update when I find out more. Thank you all. Love, Katie.

Did I Ever Tell You...

How much you really mean to me? I mean like I really appreciate everyone on here that follows me, and likes my posts, and reblogs my posts, and just makes me happy to keep on blogging about such a lovely person such as David Tennant, etc. I just want you all to know that you all are absolutely amazing and wonderful, and to just remember…

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I've never been attracted to girls, but I think Katie McGrath is so hot! I've always thought myself as straight and someone told me when I asked that I still was "because she is an actor, it doesn't count", I've not been attracted to girls 'till now but if Katie asked me out I would say yes!!


Katie McGrath is a magical goddess that possesses the mystical ability to make everyone that is not necessarily interested in women question their sexuality. Makes sense in my brain.

I honestly haven’t met a single person in this fandom that would turn her down, anon. So if you are here for Katie thirst and loving appreciation, you have come to the right place, my love. 😘

The Mistakes We Make Part 2 - Fred Weasley x Reader


The Mistakes We Make Part 1

Fred Weasley x Reader

After the repercussions of last night catch up to you, Fred tries to make things right. 

Warnings: Slight Swearing

Part 3 Coming Soon…

The next morning you woke up to the covers shifting as Y/f/n rolled over. You looked at the time, 8:36. You decided that most of the castle would still be asleep from last night and so you slipped out of Y/f/n’s bed, grabbed your dress and shoes and left the house. The castle was eerily quiet as you walked up the stairs to Gryffindor, nobody was around, not even Nearly Headless Nick or Peeves. 

You whispered the password to the fat lady and went into the common room. Scanning the room, you sighed with relief at the fact no one was there. You walked briskly into your dormitory. You got back into your own bed and drew your curtains. You were usually quite friendly and open with the girls in your dorm but they knew if your curtains were closed, it meant you wanted to be left alone. You slept for a couple of hours until you were woken up by your curtains being drawn open delicately. You opened your eyes and saw a flash of orange. With the haziness of sleep still with you, you couldn’t work out whether it was Fred or George. Shaking off sleep, you examined the boy staring at you. You sighed with relief, it was George. You moved over, allowing space for him to sit down in the bed. You sat up looking at him, he stared back at you but didn’t say anything.

‘Look, George.’ You started, 'I’m sorry I yelled at you but-’ he cut you off by pulling you into a tight bear hug.

You were confused. 

Why was George acting like this? 

It wasn’t new for you to be affectionate with each other, he was one of your best friends. He read you like an open book. 'What?’ He asked.

'Why are you here? I mean, has he told you?’ You stuttered, avoiding his gaze as he released you from the embrace.

'Has he told me? What a dick he was. Yeah. He told me.’ His expression was hard to read.

'Look, Y/n. My brother is an absolute idiot and he knows that.’ You looked up at him, 'he wants to talk to you about it. And I think you should give him a chance to. It wasn’t him last night, Y/n. His head wasn’t in the right place and… I don’t know. All I understand is that Fred loves you and you love him as well even if you can’t see that right now. You need to know it.’

You nodded, just because you were pissed off at Fred didn’t mean you didn’t still love him. 

'Thank Georgie.’ You replied, a small smile shaping on your face. He hugged you once more before standing up and leaving. A few minutes later, Katie Bell came onto your bed.

'Breakfast?’ She asked with a small smile, you could tell she had heard about what had happened and was attempting to put you in a good mood despite what was going on. You nodded as you stood up and quickly throwing some clothes on, you got ready to go downstairs. You and Katie had been friends since the beginning of school because you played Quidditch together, Katie was the one who introduced you to the twins in the first place. 

'So, how was your night?’ You asked, trying to put yours to the back of your mind.

'It was fun. Yeah, um, Y/n I’m really sorry to hear what happened, I’m sure it will all blow over soon.’ She said, placing a hand on your shoulder reassuringly a d giving you a slight squeeze.

You nodded, 'Yeah, thanks Katie.’ You smiled at her as she pushed open the doors to the Great Hall. It was already back to normal from last night and packed with people. You scanned the Gryffindor table until you saw him. He was sat next to Lee Jordan and Angelina Johnson. 

'Don’t worry, Y/n,’ Katie said, 'we can sit over here with Harry and Ginny.’ You appreciated the gesture and nodded with a smile. As you ate your food you could feel eyes on you, you looked down the table and locked eyes with Fred. He looked like he hadn’t slept at all but it could’ve just been the hangover. You pulled your gaze away and started talking to Harry about the Quidditch game next week. You and Harry finished your food before the others so you walked up to Gryffindor together. You were happily chatting with him as you walked through the portrait until someone grabbed your arm. You turned around to be met with Fred. You thought about whipping back around and continuing to walk but then you remembered what George had said. You looked at Harry, 'I’ll see you later, Harry.’ He smiled and walked away. You shook your hand off of Fred and folded your arms.  You looked at him sternly and expectingly.

'Well?’ You questioned.

'Not here. Please?’ He held his hand out shakily, which you didn’t take. He sighed and retracted it as he turned to walk away. You followed. The two of you walked through the grounds for a while, without saying a word. You figured out where he was taking you; the boathouse. When you got there he finally said something.

'Look Y/n. I don’t even know where to start, I know words aren’t good enough to repair the damage I’ve done. But,’ he looked up at you, 'but all I know is that I love you Y/n and I made one of the biggest and stupidest mistakes I’ve ever made last night and I’m sorry.’ His eyes were dead serious, you thought he might start to tear up. 

You didn’t know what to say, you knew he was sorry but it didn’t take away what he had done. 

'I know, Fred. But. Why? Why would you do that to me? We had something perfect, why would you screw that up?’ Your cheeks flushed red, the more you thought about the situation, the less sad you became and the more irritated you were.

'Y/n I wasn’t myself! I wasn’t thinking! I was drunk!’ He argued.

'That’s not an excuse, Fred! Seamus didn’t spike the punch that much!’ The volume of your voice had raised now. You and Fred had fought before and it usually went along the lines of yelling at each other like this.

'I wish I could take it back, Y/n! I wish I could.’ The volume of his voice dropped, he seemed defeated.

A tear slipped out of your eye, 'You can’t, Fred. It’s done.’

'Please Y/n.’ He reached to grab your hand but you moved it away.

You shook your head as another tear fell, 'No Fred. Not today.’

You turned to walk away but stopped.

'Please Y/n. I love you.’

You wanted to turn around and say it back, forgive him for what he did. But you couldn’t, not right now, not when the hurt was still fresh. You just shook your head lightly as you walked away, leaving Fred alone in the boathouse.

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