katy you will appreciate this

im gonna try to draw the paladins with eeveelutions! (Idk if its been done already or not..??)

So here’s what I was thinking:

Pidge-leafeon and jolteon
Lance-vaporeon and glaceon

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Hello! New girl here (in tumblr and Katie's fandom, I would say I'm straight but Katie McGrath and Hayley Atwell have made me rethink my life, I mean, I hadn't felt attracted to any girl friend before??? And since I got a tumblr (and these beautiful fandoms) I've been noticing how pretty girls are, and now I can only think how did I never notice I'm bisexual?

Hello love! Welcome to the fandom! So happy to have you. 💗 I will be honest, I can relate. Katie deserves a portion of the credit as she was one of the women that led to me at least questioning my sexuality a bit more. And the way we obsess over all of these beautiful women (for me especially Katie McGrath and Natalie Dormer) it would definitely make it a bit easier to notice 😂

Again welcome to the fandom! You’ve come to the right place for all of the Katie love and appreciation! Hope you like it here!💗

Lena Luthor Appreciation - Day 7 Free Choice

This is just a Katie/Lena appreciation note for giving me the inspiration I have been lacking for YEARS to start writing again. Katie’s acting triggered something I thought was gone for good, and there are many reasons that her talent awakened my creativity and inspiration from a 10+ year hibernation. I love having something to throw myself into other than work, and the complexity/layers/wonderful way she brings Lena to life has just resonated with me. I’m beyond thrilled that she got the well deserved promotion to series regular so we can see more of this perfect face, and her amazing talent. I don’t always have faith in the writers, but I know whatever they throw at Lena, Katie will bring it with magic. 

Dramatic- Carter Hart

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Ok so here we go! A little baby goalie loving for you all! And if this isn’t me idk what is so I hope someone can #relate as well! Lol! Enjoy guys!

Warning: drama, mentions of death

@santa-fes Request: Hello fren, could u pls write me somethin bc I am not havin a good time atm. If u could it would be much appreciated. Thank you katie 💕


              You were laying on the couch, your arm thrown over your face, taking deep breaths when Carter came home from practice.

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Lena Luthor Appreciation Week: THANK YOU~

- Thank you to everyone for making this a successful and fun event! Thanks to all of the love for Lena, we had well over 300 submissions! Whether you contributed content once or everyday, or even just reblogged what you enjoyed, this couldn’t have been done without you. 💗

To close everything out, if you have a Twitter, don’t forget to help trend Lena Luthor is Back on April 24th. Refer to the post for the appropriate times.

Neurologist Appointment

Hey everyone. I’d appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and/or good vibes today.

Two nights ago I lost all vision in my right eye for a short period of time. I’ve been having similar episodes with this eye for about a year, but I’ve never completely lost my sight. I already had a check up yesterday with my regular doctor, and I mentioned it to her. She sent me straight to my optometrist. They ran several tests, all of which showed irregularities with the positioning of my optic nerve. Where or should dip down, it instead rises. So something has moved it. My eye doctor has set me up with a neurologist today at 2:30 central USA time. The top three concerns they want to rule out it diagnose asap are 1) brain tumor 2) brain bleed 3) a build up of spinal fluid, which is very dangerous, but also the easiest to treat. The eye doc said it could be 15,000 different things, but these three need to be ruled out first as they are the most concerning and could quickly lead to total blindness in my right eye.

I’d so appreciate your thoughts today. It could be something so simple, but when doctors start throwing around concerns and terms like “brain tumors” … well it’s stressful. I will update when I find out more. Thank you all. Love, Katie.

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I've never been attracted to girls, but I think Katie McGrath is so hot! I've always thought myself as straight and someone told me when I asked that I still was "because she is an actor, it doesn't count", I've not been attracted to girls 'till now but if Katie asked me out I would say yes!!


Katie McGrath is a magical goddess that possesses the mystical ability to make everyone that is not necessarily interested in women question their sexuality. Makes sense in my brain.

I honestly haven’t met a single person in this fandom that would turn her down, anon. So if you are here for Katie thirst and loving appreciation, you have come to the right place, my love. 😘

❝ katie findlay gif hunt ❞

under the cut you’ll find a total of 162 hq gifs of katie findlay who is known for her roles in ‘the carrie diaries’ and 'how to get away with murder’. all the gifs below are medium to small with no text gifs. but overall, they’re all suitable for gif chats and threads. with that being said, none of the following gifs were created by me so full credit goes out to the original creators. if any of the original gif makers would like credit for their gifs, feel free to message me and i’ll be more than happy to do so. and finally, likes and reblogs aren’t necessary but are highly appreciative if you do find this useful.

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