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Thank you for you rant about Katie. Things are getting out of hand and I appreciate you stepping up and saying what everyone else is thinking.

you’re welcome:)

people really need to remember that their favs are real human beings, with real lives, and what they do outside of acting/performing is none of our business unless they chose to share it.

making inappropriate sexual jokes and speculating and digging into their personal lives isn’t okay. just, drink some tea. chill out. do some yoga. think about things before you post them online.

Happy Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day! ✨

YAY! I didn’t know this was a thing until I woke up and had a message in my inbox from someone telling me this, so I just knew I needed to let my favorites know just how much I appreciate them, as if I don’t already do that enough. 

So to some of my favorite writers, happy fanfic writers appreciation day, because you all have so much talent and deserve all the credit you can get. 

Some of my favorites include: @fvckingavengers @writing-soldiers @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @just-call-me-mrs-captain @after-avenging-hours @sugarbabyseb @lowercasedorito @evansscruff @bovaria @writingbarnes @ohcaptainmycaptain1918 @buckyfalcone @chrisevans-imagines @callingmrsbarnes @writingruna @natalia-romanxva @sincerelysaraahh and so many others that I’m sure I’m forgetting and if I am, I’m so sorry, but I love you all <3

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thank youuuu @the-moon-loves-the-sea i always appreciate you tagging me! 

name: Katie

nickname: i am a nickname giver, not a receiver! apparently these two things are mutually exclusive, but i am open to a nickname of my own?

height: 5'6’’ (1.67 metres for my non-American friends!)

hogwarts house: Slytherin

go to super smash brothers character: the angel guy, what is his name? he has the flaming sword. i always lose omg my brother and i weren’t allowed video games as children.

fictional character i’d date: Scout Manslayer from World Of Warcraft has always caught my eye *^___^*

favourite band or artist: Sigur Ros, The New Pornographers, Elliott Smith, The Clash, The Beatles.

when did i make this blog: originally October 2011, it died in early 2012 and rose again in October 2014

how many blogs do i follow: 753! there are so many good blogs to follow…

do i get asks on a regular basis: noooo, last month i got a lot, but typically not really.

aesthetic: sunlight through dainty curtains making cute yet esoteric shadows on happy houseplants. sunset on a mossy, rocky beach, which you watch in awe, numbed feet in the ice cold sea. a bonsai that flowers despite its stunted growth and ongoing imprisonment. a favourite mug of hot, spicy tea warming your hands. 

relationship status: single

favourite greeting: speak German to me ;)

pets: i don’t have any of my own, unless you count plants (which i kind of do!) and my fake skeleton dogs Spike and Anubis (“Annie”) who i dress up with new outfits each season. i would most like a French Bulldog and/or a Boston Terrier, and, like the names of my future children, i have already named my future pets!

last song i listented to: oh my gosh this is embarrassing but one of my own songs, actually! before that it was “She Lit A Fire” by Lord Huron.

favourite TV show: The Mighty Boosh

first fandom: The Beatles fandom on Livejournal, really on accident

hobbies: reading, writing poetry and songs, listening to music, playing my countless stringed instruments privately and publically, t a l k i n g
alllll the time, drinking warm beverages with my friends, gardening, dreaming up fantastical vacations and occupations like the ENFP i am.

books i am currently reading: “The Inquisitor’s Tale” by Adam Gidwitz, “Women Who Run With The Wolves”  by Clarissa Pinkola Estés (thx @dasgigler for convincing me to finally read my copy!), “Man Is Not Alone” by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. there are probably more, i am a librarian so i read a lot of things all the time.

worst thing to ever grace my tastebuds: when we ate that pickled shark in Iceland this past autumn, that was strikingly awful. Weisswurst is a close second after i learned it is made of brains.

favourite place: a rocky seashore in hoodie weather. less abstractly, i love Brugge, Belgium.

tagging: it’s late at night here and i am tired, so i leave it up to you, dear reader, consider yourself tagged!


I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who submitted something to the Katie Cassidy/Laurel Lance appreciation book! @cassandrasavage and I gave it to Katie yesterday and she was so nice! I’m sure she will be touched by everyone’s kind words!

So thank you to everyone who helped make this little token possible, @blackestcanary @kittykatelance @lindsayhalstead @slynneth @theextremelyanxiouspanda and everyone else (sorry I’ve forgotten your urls!). Thank you for helping us show Katie how much she’s loved!


A video for Taylor (and you guys). I hope you like it.



(PS if you like it I’d really appreciate you reblogging it so that there could be a chance of Taylor potentially seeing it one day. I love you guys.)