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hi!! just discovered your blog! can you do scenario #84 with pidge? thank you in advance!!

you’re welcome!!!!!111!!11!1 ily anon

I’m also still uncomfortable with using neutral pronouns, so I noramlly just stick with fem!reader. reallllyyy sorry if this bothers you :(

You stared down, your ears burning with shame. Pidge was small, but she had enough anger bubbled up in her petite build to blow down a Galra ship. “I knew you’d get mad,” you whispered in fear.

“I’m not mad!” Pidge yelled, gripping her fists tightly. Her eyes flew from the broken photo frame to your hanging head. She bent down and gently ran her fingers over the small pieces of glass. Her eyes watered up, spotting the photo with Matt. “I’m not.. mad..” she gritted her teeth.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered. The overpowering emotion filled your throat with tears, seeing Pidge like that. 

So you hugged her.

You hugged her tightly and didn’t let go. Pidge was too shocked to respond, holding her breath.

“I’ll fix it,” you said, more reassuringly, “Hunk can get a new photo frame, and maybe Coran can make a copy-” then you saw her face. “Pidg- Katie? What’s wrong?” 

She was laughing. 

“Thank you, y/n. I didn’t know anybody cared about that photo frame..”

You smiled.

sorry this is kind of rushed :(( but I love Pidge’s personality it’s really fun to experiment with!

Chapter 74 | Choose Dare #157 World Champions | Theodore Nott and Hermione Granger



“You swore you wouldn’t say no.”

“That was before you brought out a bag of…where did you get this stuff, anyway?”

Hermione stared at the pile of increasingly ridiculous costumes at her feet, dumped unceremoniously from three large plastic bags. Theo scrunched the bags down into smaller and smaller balls, before shoving them into the little container under the sink where they kept all their recyclables. When he returned to their living room, overrun with bright neon’s and bold strips of felt, his steps skipped and he barely stopped himself from clapping his hands excitedly. More so at the morose resignation on his fiancée’s face than anything else.

“I ordered it all last week when I was over at George’s. The internet is a fantastic invention, I don’t know how wizards ever thought muggles were inferior.”

One finger extracted from her folded arms, Hermione shot him a look of exasperation and warning. “Watch it, Nott.”

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BuckyxReader drabble thing for fun (Part 5/?)

Here’s another thing… I think it’s not a great thing, but it’s a thing and I made it so here ya go.  clutter-buck theoneandonlyowengrady twinklynoises and hispeculiartreasure have all expressed interest in this thing.  Here are the other things that go with this thing: Parts 1-3 and Part 4 

There had been a basic routine at the house since Bucky had joined you.  While you had never met anyone else in quite the same position as him, you figured it wouldn’t hurt to keep some semblance of structure for him.  So, by the time the oven timer sounded, he was already in the kitchen grabbing plates and silver ware to set the table, a task you had laid on him at the beginning and he never balked at.  He would always wait in there for you, though you assumed if you ever needed assistance, all you had to do was ask.

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Bucky smut, fic for fic - Kyla

for @kyla-kitten …. Bucky swap haha!

Sweat slick skin and heaving breaths, Bucky rolled onto his back to the left of you, scooping you against his right side.  You pressed your ear to his chest to catch your breath and listen to his heart thundering.

“Excellent as always, Sarge,” you chuckled as your fingers traced the lines of his ribs.  When he huffed in amusement, you leaned up to look at him.  Long, dark tendrils of hair were plastered to his cheeks and forehead, but were gone with one swipe of his metallic palm, revealing a somewhat dreamy quality to his face with unfocused blue eyes.

You couldn’t help teasing him when he was like this, so relaxed unlike usual, and you moved to straddle his waist.  He made a low, content noise and a small smile played on his lips as you leaned over to kiss him.  Pulling back a little, you raised an eyebrow and smirked.  “Although, I think next time I’d like to ride your cock.”

Bucky’s smile went a little feral.  You knew exactly what talking like that did to him, but you were surprised when both his hands swiftly moved to grip your ass and you sat up with a small yelp at the sting and pinch of his metal fingers on your delicate skin.

“Shit,” Bucky spat frantically, eyes back in sharp focus as he pulled his hands away, pushing up to his elbows.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean -”

“Bucky, it’s okay,” you soothed, pressing your fingertips over his mouth to shush him.  The spot still smarted a bit, but you bit into your lower lip with a coy smile.  “Actually, I think I kinda liked it,”

“Yeah,” he asked against your skin and his voice was a mixture of concern and astonishment.

“Yeah,” you nodded.  Your mouth replaced your fingers over his lips and you kissed him thoroughly.  After a few moments, Bucky all but melted into you, tugging you down with him as he laid back again.  Though you did take a breath to tell him with a smile. “Just make sure you warn me next time.”

Freezer Burn (Bucky x Reader)

My husband suggested the title and I couldn’t resist using it! hahaha I’m terrible!  This has been floating around my head, but won’t really fit in my story right now.  So I’m sharing it here as an extra perhaps? or just its own drabble? whatever, enjoy! And tell me how you like it, PLEASE!  shout out to hispeculiartreasure and I’m sure clutter-buck and theoneandonlyowengrady and maybe raptor-intern-kyla would enjoy it a little

You were pushing the shopping cart down the frozen novelty aisle of the grocery store when you noticed Bucky was no longer walking beside you.  Turning around, you saw him staring intensely at something in the freezer in front of him.  You backed up to him, concerned about how still he was and how wide his eyes had grown.  A glance to the freezer revealed an entire shelf of Captain America Popsicles.   Oh shit…

“Bucky, are you okay,” you asked quietly, knowing that there was more than a decent chance that something like this could cause a less than desirable reaction in your recovering friend.

“Can I see your phone,” he asked quietly.

Confused, but willing to do anything to help, you sat your phone in his upturned metallic palm.  His fingers curled around it gently before turning his attention away from the freezer.  With a look of grim determination, he snapped a picture and started typing something on the keypad.  After a few moments, he smoothed the long hair from his face and handed the phone back to you.  You raised an eyebrow at him as he gripped the handle of the cart and started back down the aisle.

Curious as to what he could possibly have done, you tapped your phone to bring up the screen.  Your texting app was up and your jaw dropped when you saw that he’d sent the picture of the shelf full of popsicles to Steve with the message “Too Soon?”

Looking up in horror, you saw Bucky rounding the end of the aisle, glancing over his shoulder at you.  Just as you were comprehending the implications, your phone vibrated with an incoming call from Steve Rogers.

“Bucky, you little shit,” you yelled out louder than you realized as you took off after him.  When you caught up, you were met with a sudden burst of his laughter.

His fingers softly caress her naked skin, and his warm breath tickles her neck.  Her heart is still racing in her chest and her veins are still flooded with euphoria.

He hums contently and she grips him tighter against her. 

“That was-” she begins.

“A one time thing,” he teases.

She rolls her eyes. “I’m never living that down, am I?”

“I’m afraid not, love.”


i don't know what this is

“Blaine Anderson, you aren’t a virgin, are you?” Sebastian whispers into his ear from behind, almost scandalized

“I…I—that’s not any of your business…” Blaine stutters, fiddling with the buttons on his blazer to slip them through the holes.

“Aww. You’re a blushing virgin.”

“I am not blushing.” Blaine says heatedly.

Sebastian makes a little tut at that, smirk prevalent on his face. “Red like a cherry. That needs to be popped pretty soon.” He says, emphasizing the word with a crisp popping of his lips in Blaine’s ear.

Blaine shrugs violently to try and get Sebastian to shoo, but he persists to the point where Blaine can feel a nose tickling at his ear. “Are you waiting for the ‘right guy’, Anderson? Want it to be ‘special’, huh?”

“My sex life is none of your business, Smythe!” Blaine wheels around to bite the words at him. “Whether I’m a virgin or not is none of your business. Who I fuck is none of your business!”

Sebastian takes a domineering step forward, reaching a hand out to brush his fingers across Blaine’s shoulder to wipe imaginary dust. “But I think you want it to be.”

Blaine tries his best to hide the way he swallows the gathering spit in his mouth and the twitch in his underwear. Sebastian grabs Blaine’s perfectly arranged tie with a thumb and two fingers and proceeds to wrap it around and around the digits until he approaches the knot. He tugs threateningly on the fabric with an enticing smile, and Blaine fails at muffling the squeak that crawls out of his throat.

Sebastian leans in slowly, bending at the waist a few inches until their lips are nearly pressed together. “I’ll see you in English.”

He runs his hand over the wheel. The wood is rough and scratched.

This ship wasn’t just a ship….

It was freedom from a life he despised.

It was where Liam and Milah had died.

It was where Killian Jones became Hook.

A source of comfort when he once again found himself in servitude. 

It was an integral part of him like his heart or his lungs.

“I don’t have all day, pirate. Either you wish to trade or you don’t.”

His mind wanders to Emma. His heart squeezes tightly. He had to save her. He had to.

He sighs and nods. “Give me the bloody bean.”


inspired by @sweetestinthegale and

He wakes in the middle of the night looking for her. The empty space next to him serves as a solemn reminder.

She’s gone.

His heart,

his light,

his everything.

Gone in a flash of lightning and wind.

But she’d whispered those words. The ones that made his heart beat faster. Now he would never rest until Emma was back safely by his side.

If it took a hundred years, or a thousand, he would never yield.

Because the damn woman said I love you.


“Whoa! These guys are bloody fast!” Killian exclaims. “Look at how fast they run, Swan!”

 "That is kind of the point, honey. They are the fastest people in the world,” Emma replies with a chuckle.  

His eyebrows shoot up and he grins from ear to ear.  "Honey? That’s new.“ 

 "Too cheesy?” she hesitantly asks.  “It just kind of popped out.”

He shakes his head. “No, I like it.”

Killian’s chest is still heaving heavily from their excursions. She kisses his naked skin. It’s warm and soft against her lips.

She wishes with every fiber of her being she could capture this moment.

Every breath.

Every whispered promise so delicate and beautiful.

Like glass.

“What are you thinking, love?” He softly inquires.

She places his hand on her chest. “This is yours, you know.” His eyebrows shoot up playfully, but she shakes her head with a laugh. “I meant my heart.”

“Yes, love. I know.”


They are sitting on the couch together. Killian is reading and she’s folding laundry. 

There’s a flash of lightning outside followed by a peal of thunder that shakes the windows.

The lights flicker and she instinctively snuggles closer to Killian. His warmth is like a security blanket against the raging storm. 

He puts down his book and wraps his arm around her waist. “I’m here, love.”

Nothing more needs to be said.