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This episode of Supergirl according to Tumblr...
  • <p> <b>Everyone:</b> Kara my beautiful sweet cinnamon roll, you tell that overpriced mayonnaise where to go!<p/><b>Everyone:</b> Mon-El just die already<p/><b>Everyone:</b> Maggie and Alex are just beautiful and couple goals<p/><b>Everyone:</b> where is Lena Luthor?!<p/><b>Everyone:</b> James Olsen is perfect, thank Rao he's back *heart eyes*<p/><b>Everyone:</b> Winn believes in Lyra, he's such a sweetheart.<p/><b>Everyone:</b> Can we make Supergirl the main character again?!<p/><b>Everyone:</b> Winn don't trust Lyra, she's just a dirty lying liar who lies...<p/><b>Everyone:</b> Kara deserves better<p/><b>Everyone:</b> this episode, what even is happening?!!!<p/><b>Everyone:</b> Kara Danvers is a precious puppy who must be protected at all costs.<p/><b>Me:</b> So... No Cat Grant yet then?<p/></p>
#Supergirl “Luthors” Promo 2x12

Just watched the promo and caught a few things. I haven’t seen the latest episode yet, I am waiting for it to come online to review that. But iI will be posting it later on tonight.

So Lena is framed. You can tell from the promo. But Lillian is using this as a way to convert Lena to her cause. The suit and ax in the scene where Lena picks up the grenade, that is inside L-Corp. (The way Katie looked in that scene is totally a throwback to Merlin. Be still, my heart.) It makes sense that there is probably a hidden part Lena doesn’t know about. Lex kept one secret from Superman for like forever, and probably still does. Or it could be a flashback. The whole point of the episode is where Lena’s loyalty lies. The tagline in the promo says it all.

“Blood doesn’t make you family, where your loyalty lies does.” 

The person taking the kryptonite heart is definitely Lena, her mom probably planted it there and told Lena to grab it, make it seem like she is in on it so it could be also caught on camera. Lillian is trying to turn Supergirl against Lena, she knows they are friends. She probably helped manipulate Lex into hating Clark. Lillian is very manipulative. And she is probably mad as hell her daughter turned on her in Medusa. So she is doing the same to Lena. And then make Lena mad at Supergirl so she can join the cause. 

This entire episode is to test the friendship that Lena and Kara have. No one trusts Lena, except for Kara. Kara is LOYAL to Lena, and vice versa. There is a scene where Kara turns around and looks betrayed, probably because she sees Lena with Lillian. But there was also a scene in the promo, which is right after the hug scene (Lena is still wearing the same outfit) and she is holding the white knight chess piece. Now this is either before or after the hug, I’m hoping before. It would symbolize that Kara is Lena’s knight in shining armor. Kara, not Supergirl. In Medusa she thought Lena was evil. Hell I did too. But she still has so much faith in lena. I mean, she did look into her eyes. I think this is the episode where we will be getting that whole “they’ll be closer” we were promised. We also know that there will be new villain’s, so this might be the launch of that. Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher might be working with CADMUS. Who knows really. But Lena is not evil. She was raised by the Luthor’s she knows about manipulation. This whole episode will be about that, and loyalty. 

But did you guys see that hug?!?! 

Supergirl’s Confession series - Part 5

Kara isn’t sure about something Lena said the previous day. Meanwhile, Winn makes an edit with the best of his intentions, but it makes Kara upset (though Alex likes it).

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SuperCorp Convo (9)
  • Kara:
  • Lena:
  • Kara: wh-
  • Lena: ManUEL??? Really?????????? I'm gone for two episodes and this????
  • Kara: his names actually-
  • *Alex swoops her away, Tarzan style*
  • Kara:
  • Kara: oh who am I kidding she's right *chases after Lena and flies the both of them out to a romantic sunset*
#Supergirl "Luthors"

There’s just a few things I want to say about the episode.

Kara isn’t mad no one believes In Lena. She is mad no one believes in HER when she says she Lena isn’t evil. That they don’t trust Kara enough to back her no matter what the evidence says. Kara is the only person who hangs out with Lena, yet everyone else thought they knew Lena better, simply because she is a Luthor. James immediately believes she’s evil, even trying to prove it. “See Kara I was right you were wrong” is what James was aiming for. Going as Guardian instead of with backup shows that it was selfish. Thats not what friends do. Maggie took the evidence face value and arrested her. She is a cop so its her job, but telling Kara to stay out of it was still against Kara’s faith in Lena. It took a while because he is a soldier, but J'onn believed the evidence. And Winn barely tried to go over the video for errors. Mon-el didn’t really care because he was too worried about what Kara thought of him to even ask about how Kara felt. You don’t just go around smashing concrete blocks in anger for no reason. Only person who didn’t question Kara, or say nothing negative against Lena, was Alex. Because she knows Kara, and believes in her. Lena is the same. She doesn’t question Kara, and only truly cares about Kara’s opinion. Kara is a TRUE hero. She doesn’t let her personal feelings get involved. She even let Livewire go because she saw good in her. An actual bad guy. Lex tried to kill Clark, and she STILL believes in Lena. Lillian had Kara kidnapped and tortured, and she STILL believes in Lena. She saw a video of Lena with the kryptonite heart, AND SHE STILL BELIEVES IN LENA.

Lena didn’t think anyone was on her side, ready to run away alone from everything, which is why she was so shocked that Supergirl came, and why Supergirl immediately says “Kara Danvers believes in you.” Kara knew Lena needed to hear it. When it comes to Lena, the lines between Kara and Supergirl are becoming blurred.

As for the end scene, I believe that Lena knows Kara is Supergirl. Its in her offhand comments. “I am human after all, some steel in that Texas wheat.” But Katie McGrath is so good at this type of role, that it seems on the surface Lena is mysterious and unfeeling and maybe still on the fence of good/evil, but I believe that she is planning ahead on how to protect Supergirl. She truly loves Kara and will do anything to protect her. Lillian is still out there and she will do what it takes to stop her. “Don’t hurt her!” She was about to jump in front of Supergirl but Hank stopped her. She knows. And she cares. And Its beautiful.

I think what makes Kara and Lena so frustrating is that there is clearly love there, but the writers expect us to read between the lines. Giving us these scenes of “I looked into her eyes,” and “My office is overflowing with flowers.” I love my friends, but that isn’t a friend thing. At all. You can fight me on that. This isn’t fair to the fans at all, especially with such an amazing storyline.

Oh, and dunno if anyone caught it, but when Metallo exploded, he yelled Kara.



Honestly… wtf is this.  Hahaha.

I will say for episode 2x15….

There was a very minimal amount of Mon-El time, and the overall plot and development of the show with multiple characters, multiple relationships, and multiples arcs, I mean…. I felt like old Supergirl was back for .5 seconds.

The Lena/ Kara|Supergirl interactions were on point (though I am wondering if evil Lena will come in the future).  

We had Guardian|James.  

We had James BROTP with Winn!

Winn and Lyra.

Alex and Jeremiah.  Alex and Kara.  Alex and Maggie.  Alex and Jo’on.

Danvers sisters bonding!!!

We had Lillian and Lena feuding.

We had Kara’s actual career in the mix. And Snapper Carr!  

I mean Jesus, it was like, THE TEAM IS BACK YALL. 

Maybe I’ll write a full review before signing off.  Stay tuned. :)  But make no mistake, I’m still boycotting after this week.  

One episode is not enough CW.

Supergirl’s Confession series - Part 6

Lena sent flowers (a lot of them) to Kara to thank her for believing in her when nobody else did. Later on, Kara tells Alex and Winn, who are pretty sure the brunette have feelings for the blonde. 

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Supergirl 2x15: A very brief review/ note...

I’m sure the writers of this damn show knew what they were doing when they unleashed this photo of Katie and Mel literally within an hour of the show airing.

Or perhaps not… but even so.  I am going to go out on a limb and say I am happy with my choice to let this be the last episode I watch until I hear about the rest of the season.  This episode, though it’s only 1/15, gave me some hope that perhaps better things are on the horizon.

What I loved was firstly, Mon-El was not the primary character of the show as he has taken up a LARGE amount of screen time this entire season.  Aside from the irritating ending, which I can comment on later, I didn’t mind him as a side character with side commentary and brief comedic relief.  I don’t mind the actor anymore, and when the character is not an asshole (which is rare on this show), he isn’t terrible… but again, a few okay moments don’t make up for all the crap he’s done/ said all season long, nor the lack of story the writers/ CW have given Kara in S2.  But moving on…

What made this episode AWESOME was we had some real plot with real issues that are totally relevant to the political climate we are facing today (at least here in the US).  This was a tragic story, no doubt.

We finally, FINALLY, had multi-character interactions, responses, confrontations, you name it on many different fronts, and I’ll list them here;

James/ Winn Brotp goals.

Winn/Lyra development.

Alex/ Maggie support/ relationship goals.

Alex/ Jo’on confrontation, fight, conclusion and resolution.

Alex/ Kara confrontation, fight, ultimate sister love and bonding that we’ve missed all season long, and somewhat of a resolution.

Kara (&SG)/ Snapper Carr conflict, fighting, actions, and major consequences/ Kara professional development FINALLY.

Kara/ Lena friendship and professional talk goals.

Supergirl/ Lena working relationship/ alliance goals.

Lena/ Lillian still going head to head and more Luthor drama.

Jeremiah/ Alex conflict, fight, resolution/ solution, more still to come!

Cadmus plot furthered with Lillian, Hank Henshaw, the fate/ future of Jeremiah, etc.  The mystery ensues, eyes are everywhere, and more plot for the future of L Corp as well.

And most importantly?!?!?!

Alex kicking ass, Maggie kicking ass, Lena kicking ass, Guardian kicking ass, Lyra kicking ass, Kara kicking ass, Jeremiah kicking ass and even Winn attempted to kick some damn ass.  Like, FINALLY, this is what a show encompassing every character and giving each person a story, some damn potential, some damn plot, can look like y’all!!!  It rocked!

All of this happened in ONE episode, and I was like, damn…. we actually have a bit of Supergirl back, thank you season 1, where have you been!?!?!




Reality has to come back around y’all….

I MAY have tolerated Mon-El as a love interest for Kara if he had been as background in this episode throughout the season, but that hasn’t been the case.  He was relatively sweet, somewhat annoying, I give him some benefit of the doubt here alone.  The real disappointment though, which this show gave us at the very end was, Kara was willing to give up her professional dream of being a reporter.  Being Supergirl and being with Mon-El was “enough.”  And to that, I just…. shake my head.  

What made it all worse was we had one episode of the old Supergirl back, only to give us promos for the next episode, which is entirely revolved around Daxamites/ Mon-El/ the Prince of Daxam/ Mon-El’s parents……  and the very end gave us some clips of that too, but….

It was like, we got to jump for joy and have hope because we had awesome plot development and multi-character/ relationship growth…. only to be whipped back into the Mon-El Show…. and that’s the real fucking bummer of the whole thing.  

I saw the pic of Katie and Mel, I saw all this badass action, totally swooned at some Supercorp moments, but in the end, it’s like…. it doesn’t really matter because the CW is going right back to the same old song and dance.  Mon-El centric, here we go.

In conclusion to this long rant/ bullshit review….

Thank you writers for doing something right and giving us a taste of the old show with actual complexity and not some weird frat boy story of nonsense.  Sincerest thank yous, like, you were on the right track.

With that being said, one episode doesn’t make up for a whole season, and we all know this goes back to being Mon-El centric next week.  We hope he gets taken away, but truthfully, we have no clue.  So until more fruitful efforts are taken on to make more episodes like the one tonight, I’m not supporting the show and I’m hoping it turns around for the better in season 3 and the writers take our feedback… :)

Oh… and yes, I ship Supercorp.  Thought that was obvious. ^_^  But also, some key moments….

That’s all folks. XD