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Christines with auburn/reddish wigs (not a complete list by any means)

  1. Tabitha Webb, West End (u/s 2005-06 / alt. 2009-10)
  2. Robyn North, West End (u/s 2003-04, principal 2007-08)
  3. Katie Hall, West End (u/s 2008-09, alt. 2011)
  4. Anna O’Byrne, West End (alt. 2012-13)
  5. Harriet Jones, West End (principal 2013-15)
  6. Beatrix Reiterer, Essen (u/s 2005-06)
  7. Katy Treharne, West End (u/s 2009-10, alt. 2012)
  8. Anne Görner, Essen (principal 2005-06)
  9. Nicky Adams, West End (alt. 2003-04)

Nicky Adams appears to have been the first West End Christine to don the auburn wig. After her it’s surprisingly often been worn by the alternate Christine. Apart from West End, the Essen wigs were also very much on the reddish side.


The 9 latest West End Christine Daae Understudies.

  • AJ Callaghan (Mia van den Eykel goes between her and the next but there are no pictures)
  • Robyn North
  • Tabitha Webb
  • Sofia Escobar
  • Katie Hall
  • Katy Treharne
  • Claire Doyle
  • Ashleigh Fleming
  • Lisa Anne Wood

 Six seven out the nine ten listed went on to being another form of Christine, wether is be Principle / Aternate / another production, so far.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any idea as to what's up with Maria Coyne's wig? In that MOTN performance with Ben Forster it looks almost red but in backstage pictures it looks fairly brown. Do you think she has different wigs or if it's just the lighting playing tricks??

She’s one of many West End Christines to wear an auburn wig. Not quite red, not quite brown, not quite blonde, but somewhere in between. I think it started with Nicky Adams in 2003, and variants has since also been worn by:

Robyn North:

Katy Treharne:

Anna O’Byrne:

Harriet Jones:

…and many others. I believe Maria Coyne wore a slightly darker wig when she first donned the role. or maybe she’s always alternated between two shades. but the first couple of photos showed her with a darker hair colour, while all recent photos has pushed the auburn shade more. So it’s probably that she wore for the TV performance :)