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who exactly is Kati? i've never even heard of her..

Kati was/is an old friend of Dan’s. She moved to L.A to be a production assistant for NSP. She lived with Ross and Holly after becoming close to Holly and she was featured on a bunch of Holly’s let’s play episodes. Kati was also in NSP videos as well as a bunch of Dan / the Grumps social media. Fans speculated like crazy that Dan was dating her which kind of pushed her to come out to the fandom that she is a lesbian so that people would back off. 

Something happened a while back where Kati seemingly dropped out of the grump’s lives and moved to NYC. The Grumps don’t talk to her or about her and she doesn’t directly mention them but she has made posts on her friend’s blog that somewhat discuss that something went down and she fucked up and lost a huge group of friends.