katy perry birthday party


amira: uhhhhh hey alex
amira: what the hell r u doing with him
alex: …….. well heres the thing miro…, hes my friend and hes a lot more fun to be around than u soooOOOO
amira: listen if u keep collecting geeks and bringing them into our circle you’ll be uninvited from all of our birthday parties
amira: and my birthday party is gonna have katy perry and a chocolate fountain 
james: yikes :<


Brooklyn’s own synthpop duo Holy Ghost! closed out the epic finale to our summer Vans House Parties and we couldn’t be happier with their performance. Everyone filed in to get a glimpse of the upbeat set, filled with constant moving and instrument changes to keep the audience on their toes. If you missed the show, listen to their dance-ified remix to Katy Perry’s “Birthday” on their Soundcloud.

Photos: Bryan Derballa