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Everything ends either has a reason or none. Some things or some people enter your life to leave you a scar or anything that could make your life stronger, but some things enter your life in a pointless way. Yes, not all things and not all people that come to your life are valuable. Quite often, there’s always someone who would make you laugh, make you smile, make you feel like you’re too important to them, and make you feel what really love is. But at the end, everything is pointless. Everything ends up to nothing as if you’ve never been loved, as if you’re a toy that used to enjoy him, or as if you’re some stuff that could be thrown away. Love. It only matters if either of you is able to stay or is strong enough to carry every trouble that would come somehow.

This playlist is simply for people who’ve been lied on, who’ve been cheated on, who’ve been hurt, and who’ve been left behind without any reasonable words. This is to encourage us all that anything that comes could be pointless. Enough with the sayings “I met him just for a reason” and “someone comes either a blessing or a lesson,” because everyone that leaves is pointless! Yes, and if you acknowledge someone who has just left as a lesson, then you’re pathetically weak.

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HALF THE HEIGHT, TWICE THE FIGHT: a lady kima of vord workout playlist. [LISTEN HERE]

i. hit & run/hayley kiyoko
ii. i kissed a girl/katy perry
iii. people like us/kelly clarkson
iv. born this way/lady gaga
v. ghost/halsey
vi. my shot/the roots, joell ortiz, busta rhymes, nate ruess
vii. hero/pegboard nerds, elizaveta
viii. the holy avenger/kraddy
ix. believer/imagine dragons
x. all about us/t.a.t.u.
xi. doomsday/globus
xii. lepcis magna/e.s. posthumus
xiii. freedom fighters/thomas bergersen, two steps from hell
xiv. preliator/globus
xv. kingdom of avilion/jo blankenburg
xvi. theme from the bodyguard/alan silvestri

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A/N: This challenge is written for 555 likes @percussiongirl2017 It was so fun to write this fic. Words to the song are in italics .Tag list at the end of the fic. Feedback would be appreciated. Also beated by the lovely @whispersandwhiskerburn. gifs  are not mine

Prompt: Firework by Katy Perry

Pairing: Reader x Dean , mentions of Sam.

Word count: 891.

Warning: Fluffy.

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You and Dean have been hunting buddies for a couple of years now. You met while hunting a shapeshifter– well, you were working on the same case, and you were quick to recognize each other as hunters. The two of you totally hit it off since you had so much in common with him: your taste in music, movies,  cheeseburgers, and of course your love of pie.

You were both at a local bar in Lebanon, Kansas enjoying some rare downtime. You leaned over to talk in Dean’s ear, having to speak up to be heard over the music.. “This is nice! We don’t really get to do this much–just the two of us.  Usually Sam is with us,” you blabbered. Dean smiled, “Yeah, it’s nice. We should definitely do this more, sweetheart. Sam didn’t feel like going out for drinks“ he said.

“You want to do something fun?”You winked at the tall hunter as you took a sip from your drink, daring him to go along with you.

“Define your version of fun, sweetheart.”

“I was thinking maybe some karaoke, if you’re brave enough.” You saw Dean’s initial smirk and pressed your case, “please? It will be fun!”                       

Dean took another swallow of his whiskey before grimacing at you, giving in. “I need to drink more before I sing anything, and you’re doing it with me, Y/N.”

“Fine, but I pick the song” you said. He nodded, earning your smile.  

A little while later, after Dean had downed two or three more shots and was getting decidedly flirty, you went to pick the song. You grinned when you saw “Firework” by Katy Perry. So completely out of his comfort zone–perfect!

You pulled Dean up on the stage and handed him a microphone. “You ready, Winchester?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be. Let’s get this over with ”he said.

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I was tagged by @crazygryffindorgirl!! , thanks!! it’s a tag i have never done before. :) 

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle. List the first ten songs that come up, then tag ten people.

From my Itunes playlist:

1. Love Story - Taylor Swift

2. Strawberry Swing - Coldplay

3. Firework - Katy Perry

4. Heroes - David Bowie 

5. Summertime Sadness  - Lana Del Rey 

6. Drops Of Jupiter - Train (one of my favs) 

7. The Miracle  - U2

8. Trouble - Imagine Dragons

9. Ruby  - Kaiser Chiefs

10.  For The First Time In Forever  - Frozen Soundtrack (yeah i’m a disney fan). 

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Coachella Day 1

Coachella is finally here and the celebrities have already started showing off their desert music festival style. Here are some of the celebrities spotted on the first day.