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Digimon Adventure music headcanons!

I’ve been creating playlists for the Adventure kids and felt inspired to share my headcanons about their musical tastes and their relationship with music! Feel free to share yours too!!!

Taichi: Eclectic and open when it comes to music, likes anything that feels good and has a cool beat, without overanalysing it too much. Mostly listens to fun, upbeat, energetic music that pumps him up. Loves Hip-Hop and has a not-so-secret fondness for 80s music.

● Favourite Artists: Foo Fighters, Eminem, Drake, U2, Queen

● Guilty pleasure: Bon Jovi

Yamato: Ultimate music snob and rock purist, disdainful of everything mainstream and almost every song that came out since the early 90s. Grew up on classic rock and blues, claims to hate anything that resembles the Top Charts. Will judge anyone who is a fan of what he considers “pseudo-rock” bands like Imagine Dragons or Muse. Do NOT mention Nickelback in his presence. Knows too much unnecessary trivia and is known to lecture people.

● Favourite Artists: Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, Oasis, Bob Dylan, Arctic Monkeys

● Guilty pleasure: Daft Punk

Sora: Listens to all genres and gives everything a fair chance, even Knife of Day. Shares at least a favourite band or song with each of her friends. Usually prefers mellow, emotional tunes but also has a soft spot for powerful female singer-songwriters and enjoys a good bop in the club or the occasional obscure indie record. Loves music festivals.

● Favourite artists: Lorde, Bon Iver, Alanis Morissette, Imogen Heap, John Mayer

● Guilty pleasure: Taylor Swift

Koushirou: Mostly listens to EDM/house to block out the sound when he’s working. Tries to check out the charts and well-known classics so he can be aware of what his peers are into. Has no great ear for music and honestly can’t tell the difference between John Lennon and John Legend.

● Favourite artists: No particular attachment to anyone

● Guilty pleasure: Nikki Minaj

Mimi: Mostly a pop/R&B girl who lives for 90s/00s music, power ballads, and anything you can dance or sing along to. Normally dislikes serious, aggressive, downbeat songs. Loves anything Swedish and Latino. Stans hard for most pop divas and classic boybands.

● Favourite artists: Mariah, Britney, Spice Girls, Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake

● Guilty pleasure: Disney Songs

Jou : Usually sticks to classical music, but has a fondess for old-fashioned tunes, romantic pop gems, and corny ballads Gomamon slips into his study playlist. Also listens to sutras when exams are approaching.

● Favourite artists: Mozart, Bach, Frank Sinatra, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli

● Guilty pleasure: Seal

Takeru : Devoted hipster indie fan who buys vinyl, borrows Yamato’s vintage records, and loves finding out new bands. But his Spotify actually reveals he has Top 50 Charts and Despacito on repeat. Religiously watches Eurovison every year.

● Favourite artists: The Beatles, Frank Ocean, Phoenix, Arcade Fire, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran

● Guilty pleasure: One Direction

Hikari : Ultimate millennial pop stan, probably runs Twitter and tumblr accounts dedicated her favourite K-Pop groups. Directioner and Belieber. Unhealthily obsessed with musicals.

● Favourite artists: Katy Perry, One Direction, Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Fifth Harmony

● Guilty pleasure: Céline Dion


get to know me meme[1/5] musical artists → katy perry

“i’m kind of a good girl - and i’m not. i’m a good girl because i really believe in love, integrity, and respect. i’m a bad girl because i like to tease. i know that i have sex appeal in my deck of cards. but i like to get people thinking. that’s what the stories in my music do.” 

Lady Gaga is a flop?

“Lady Gaga is a FLOP

- Poker Face holds the record for most number of weeks (50) at # 1 on the Dance Chart / Mix Show Airplay Chart.

- Lady Gaga becomes the first artist to reach the milestone of 4 million downloads with 2 songs.

- Poker Face became the most downloaded song in the history of the charts digitally

- Lady Gaga becomes the first artist in the history of Billboard’s Pop Songs, arriving at # 1 with 4 songs taken from a debut album.

- Lady Gaga is the first artist in the history of the Billboard Pop Songs to have her first five singles to number one.

- Bad Romance sets the record ratings weekly, registered in the history of the Billboard Pop Songs chart, with 10,859 reproductions.

-Lady Gaga is nominated as the most fashionable woman in the global leanguage monitor. It was the first time that a person has come top of the list.

- Lady Gaga became the first artist in history to reach 5 million digital downloads with both of his first singles

-Lady Gaga became the first artist in history to reach one billion views on youtube by combining the results of her music videos.

-Lady Gaga was the first artist in the history of the Billboard Pop Songs to reach his first six singles the number one ranking.

- The video for Bad Romance becomes the most watched video in YouTube history

-Telephone is the first song with an all-female collaboration to more than two million downloads.

-Lady Gaga is the first person in musical history to have reached the top 10 in the UK charts with 7 songs extracted from a single album

-Lady Gaga is the first artist to reach 4 million digital downloads with only three songs.

-The video for Alejandro is the first video to have received 20 million views in two weeks.

-Lady Gaga is the first living person to reach 10 million fans on Facebook.

-The Fame has reached the record of being the biggest selling album in the digital age.

-Lady Gaga brought the largest number of viewers in the history of the Today Show to be a guest of the program.

-Lady Gaga has been nominated for thirteen MTV Video Music Awards in a single year, more than any other artist.

-Lady Gaga is the first artist to have two simultaneous nominations for Video of the Year award at the VMAs.

-Lady Gaga becomes the most followed person in the world on Twitter.

-Lady Gaga is the first person to have 3 albums to the top 3 positions on the U.S. Billboard Dance / Electronic Albums chart.

-Poker Face is part of the top 100 Australian and the number 92, becoming the first song in history to stay in the top 100 for 100 weeks, the song has also been certified six times platinum by the ‘AIR’

-Lady Gaga won 8 statuettes in a single night at the VMAs, record ever achieved by a female artist!

-The Fame album became one of the most enduring chart in English, spending 145 weeks in a row in the top 75.

- Lady Gaga becomes the most searched woman on the internet earning a Guinness world record.

- Lady Gaga has been named the queen of British radio as most played artist in recent years with 275 000 steps.

-Lady Gaga is the first artist to have won 7 individual multi-platinum in the digital age.

- Lady Gaga becomes first person to reach 8,000,000 followers on Twitter.

- Born This Way song quickly became the best-selling, reaching number # 1 in 3 hours of release.

- Born This Way is the most played song ever on the first day of release in the U.S. with 1,838 steps.

- Born This Way got 25,000,000 of radio listeners in just the first day.

- Born This Way became the first song to reach the number # 1 in 23 states at the same time.

- Just Dance became the first song by a woman to sell 6 million in the USA.

- Born This Way has the Guinness World Record for having sold 1,000,000 downloads in just 5 days.

- Lady Gaga becomes the only international artist to reach # 1 in Japan HOT100.

- Born This Way holds the record for the highest number of sales in a single day with 524,000 albums sold, beating Britney Spears who held 500,000 albums sold.

- Born This Way holds the Guinness World Record for having sold 1,100,000 digital albums in 1 week in the USA.

- Lady Gaga has the record for the artist to debut for having grossed $ 227 million dollars with his tour.

- Bad Romance voted by Billboard as a video of the decade.

- Lady Gaga is the first artist to win Best Video With A Message at the VMAs.

- Lady Gaga gets the record with 10 songs have reached the number # 1 on the HOT CLUB SONGS faster than any other artist.

- Lady Gaga received a nomination for Album Of The Year Grammy three times in a row by beating the record of the Beatles.

- The scent FAME becomes the 2nd most sold of a celebrity after Coco Chanel, selling 6 million bottles in 1 week.

-ARTPOP 1,600,000 copies sold worldwide

- Scored from time as the second most influential icon of the decade.

- First female artist to have a single that has sold 7,000,000 in the U.S. (Poker Face).

- ARTPOP reached # 1 in 52 states via pre-order, the most pre-ordered of all time.

- ARTPOP is the international best-selling albums in Japan to those issued in 2013.

- Applause is the best-selling song of those released in Japan in 2013.

- Applause is the third video of a woman seen in 24 hours.

She will carry showing the world that she is one of the true artist out there, right next to Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna. Because they all of the true legends of POP!!!!

Fuck you haters

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We were both young when I first saw you
I close my eyes
And the flashback starts
I’m standing there
On a balcony of summer air  on a springboard of chlorine air

Girl is dating boy. Girl is questioning said boy dating. Girl goes swimming. Girl meets girl. Girl starts singing Katy Perry songs.

Super cute and relatable music video by Chilean artist Samirubilla directed by a friend of mine! Trust me when I say this video has its lesbian credentials in order! ;) 

(the scene at 2.15 - smooth as fuck! take notes chicas!) 



Ozonna - We Glow (Official Lyric Video) 


This is one of the many reasons why I prefer Lady Gaga over any other artist, she’s one of the true artits left! She doesn’t even care about the charts or how her album “flopped”, what she really cares about is her art, she’s protecting her art!