katy lesbian

if u ever worry about your future as a wlw please know that my mother who just turned 40 and her girlfriend who started transitioning at 39 (who are both divorced and had children w/other ppl) are currently singing duets in our kitchen while my stepmum plays acoustic guiter and they’re beautiful and happy and there is always hope for you

“it will also be preceded by ‘additional content’ from season two.”

this is the source !

does this mean we can get a lance reaction from keith being galra? and other stuff also?

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Watch “The Bold Type”!

1. A confused not so straight black women as one of the three main characters
2. A lesbian muslim
3. The show is about three girls working for a magazin in different positions, all very likeable
4. Katie Stevens is one of them
5. Great friendship between the three main girls
6. Lots of drama
7. Empowering women
8. Funny and relatable
9. The music is just great
10. Very intimidating boss who is actually very nice