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Girls in bands

In no particular order:

  1. Paramore - Hayley Williams (Vocals/Keys)
  2. Tonight Alive - Jenna McDougall (Vocals)
  3. Pvris - Lynn Gunn (Vocals/Guitar)
  4. No Doubt - Gwen Stafani (Vocals)
  5. Garbage - Shirley Manson (Vocals)
  6. Evanescence - Amy Lee (Vocals/Piano)
  7. We Are The In Crowd - Taylor Jardine (Vocals)
  8. Maid Of Ace - (All-Girl Rock band)
  9. Sick Of Sarah - (All-Girl Rock band)
  10. Dead Sara- Emily Armstrong (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) Siouxsie Medley (Lead Guitar/Vocals)
  11. Florence + The Machine - Florence Welch (Vocals)
  12. Halestorm - Lzzy Hale (Vocals/Guitar)
  13. Dangerkids -  Katie Cole (Drums)
  14. The Summer Set - Jess Bowen (Drums)
  15. Jule Vera -  Ansley Newman (Vocals)
  16. Flyleaf - Lacey Sturm (Vocals 2002-2012) Kristen May (Vocals)
  17. Misterwives - Mandy Lee (Vocals)
  18. Neon Trees -  Elaine Bradley (Drums)
  19. Against Me! - Laura Jane Grace (Vocals/Guitar)
  20. Brain’s All Gone - (All-Girl Rock band)
  21. Blondie - Debbie Harry (Vocals)
  22. Echosmith - Sydney Sierota (Vocals)
  23. Fitz & The Tantrums -  Noelle Scaggs (Vocals)
  24. Gossip - Beth Ditto (Vocals)
  25. In This Moment - Maria Brink (Vocals)
  26. New Years Day -  Ashley Costello (Vocals)
  27. Kitten - Chloe Chaidez (Vocals)
  28. Marmozets - Becca Macintyre (Vocals)
  29. Metric - Emily Haines (Vocals)
  30. Mindless Self Indulgence - Lyn-z (Bass) Kitty (Drums)
  31. The Pretty Reckless - Taylor Momsen (Vocals)
  32. Screaming Females - Marissa Paternoster (Vocals/Guitar)
  33. Silversun Pickups -  Nikki Monninger (Bass)
  34. Warpaint - (All-Girl Rock band)
  35. Hole - Courtney Love (Vocals/Guitar)
  36. Chvrches -  Lauren Mayberry (Vocals)
  37. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Karen O (Vocals/Keys)
  38. BONES - Rosie Bones & Carmen (Vocals/Guitar)
  39. -HEIRSOUND- -  Alexa San Román (Vocals)
  40. The Distillers - Brody Dalle (Vocals/Guitar)
  41. Conquer Divide - (All-Girl Metal Band)
  42. Eisley -  Sherri (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) Chauntelle (Lead Guitar/Vocals)  Stacy (Vocals/Keyboard)  

And shout out to any other female artist/musician I might have not mention for paving the way for younger female musicians!!

Here’s the demo I made for On the Run! Featuring amazing vocals by Katie Mitroff for Amethyst’s part. This one was kind of a puzzle for me. I originally wrote the song in D major, but I had to adjust it to B-flat major to fit both Steven and Amethyst’s voice actors’ ranges. My voice is really low so Steven sings an octave higher than me in the final version.


It’s time to get moving

Time for us to have some fun

There’s no time to hang around

Our adventure’s just begun

We’ll be thinking ‘bout our friends

As we chase the setting sun

But we’re leaving them behind

We’re on the run

I don’t care about what all the others say

Well I guess there are some things that will just

Never go away

I wish that I could say that

There’s no better place than home

But home’s a place that I have never known

That’s why we’re on the run


Chords and Guitar tabs below!

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The Real Ending of Guitar Villain
  • Adrien: Actually, I want you to sign it.
  • Marinette: *blinks slowly* Okay.
  • Adrien: I mean, only if you want to.
  • Marinette: *takes album*
  • Marinette: *signs album*
  • Marinette: *slowly hands it back to Adrien*
  • Adrien: Uh... Marinette?
  • Marinette: Hm?
  • Adrien: This is Ladybug's signature.

Okay so a couple of little things I noticed about dwsa (whether they were things I didn’t know happened or things about the final show)
- ilse is sat in the doorway signing along during my junk
- Melchior echoes some parts of whispering as he’s sat above his parents
- I feel like for the last show the second hernst kiss was longer because I think dds spin like 3 times (but I’m not 100% on that)
- the teachers are very overexaggerated like sometimes they’d say each other’s names and sound like they’re choking on spit or something
- before touch me krysta drops the essay for josh from the upper level but dds has to catch it which is v unpredictable and somewhat amusing
- when moritz tells his dad that he failed, it’s like he checks his voice at the door because he knows he can’t use him anyway
- before mama who bore me starts, katie and sandra are mirroring each other in the middle of the stage then switch props - sandra gives katie her guitar, katie gives sandra her dress, which amelia and lauren then help her put on
- there is 100% a basis for hanschen/anna because of my junk and purple summer
- during totally fucked at the last show, because there was a standing ovation that lasted for so long, patrick and russell were trying to tell people to stop (still very in character) and they were getting angry and stuff it was fantastic
- also during the last show - instead of going straight from my junk to melchiors journal, people were applauding but because austin was so ready for his queue he said ‘16’ then realised that he needed to wait for people to stop and then when they did, instead of restarting the line he just carried on from where he left off (much to the amusement of the crowd)

That’s all I can think of right now but I’ll probably add to it when I remember more it’s like 8am okay