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So I just saw the video about the song and afterwards they asked katie about supercorp and she said we should ship whatever makes us happy but more elegantly. Then fucking chump with the big forehead interrupted her and twisted her words and they all laughed at her. I hate them all except David, odette and katie. All the others can choke and die especially moist fuck her.

im just so tired tbh the sad part was that i was expecting the cast to be AT LEAST decent human beings ? which is apparently too much to ask lol…..

im honestly so fucking disgusted like jesus are they really that stupid why did they think it was a good idea to sing about that and then SCREAM at us and fucking laugh AT US!!! and also fuck you chris wood for interrupting katie, why dont you cheat on your piece of shit girlfriend with a fucking dolphin you fucking asshole d i e

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klanced said something about ppl calling themselves fandom parents being gross ppl so i guess that means u lol since u call urself mom

i mean i call myself mom in general

im always the mom friend so

also i distance myself from fandom as much as i can so bring that up with @klanced lmao

guys that “lena and winn have chemistry” thing was from ages ago, like early november. so this was all pre kara and lena falling in love (fight me). relax. lena and winn would be the most ridiculous couple to ever share the same space.

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Headcanon: Lolani gets drunk on wine and sings along to j-rock in her office on Friday nights

You mean like this? 

Headbangs, her empty wine bottle is a microphone: Switch the light off, welcome to the night! What’s the problem, not gonna make it right! Bite the bullet, then pull the trigger hold tight~~ IT’S A FEELING YOU KNOW!!!twirls around her kitchen

Katie HC: As gross as cake is to a ghoul, damn does Katie like looking at the pretty designed ones through the bakery window~