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Ok but imagine a soulmate AU where the other persons name is written on your arm so Shiros upset ‘cause he lost his arm before the mark showed up and therefore thinks he’ll never find anyone but then one day when he’s looking at his new prosthetic he notices the logo of the engineer that designed it

“H. O. L. T.”

SuperCorp Convo (8)
  • Kara: you make this worth it
  • Lena: what?
  • Kara: being a superhero and all
  • Lena: *pleasantly confused* why do you say?
  • Kara: because it's a duty for me to save people... to ensure that people are safe from the bad decisions a lot of humans, and aliens alike, make in the face of despair and heartache.
  • And...
  • Lena: And?
  • Kara: and..*sweats, suddenly nervous as hell* well you make it all worth it because I know, in the midst of being choked to death and being thrown across from building to building, that I have the privilege to come home to someone so beautiful and loving and caring and-
  • Lena: you can have the last donut
  • Kara: *woops* YES THANK U