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The ingénue.


the part of an artless, innocent, unworldly girl or young woman, especially as represented on the stage.

an actress who plays such a part or specializes in playing such parts.


theatre challenge: five out of eight characters » clara johnson from the light in the piazza

“I think if I had a child, I would take such care of her / Then I wouldn’t feel like one / I’ve hardly met a single soul, but I am not alone / I feel grown / This is wanting something, this praying for it / This is holding breath and keeping fingers crossed.”

The Four Founders of Hogwarts Zodiac Signs

Helga Hufflepuff-Taurus

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Godric Gryffindor-Leo

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Salazar Slytherin-Scorpio

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Rowena Ravenclaw-Aquarius

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theatre challenge: six out of nine shows » the light in the piazza

“I don’t see a miracle shining from the sky / I’m no good at statues and stories / I try / That’s not what I think about / That’s not what I see / I know what the sunlight can be ”

What Paper Means in Prison

Above: A flash drive embedded in a copy of “Code of Federal Regulations, Title 12, Banks and Banking.”
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Blue ripped up most kites and flushed the pieces, but some, especially those received in the exercise yard, he ate.

Blue, who is 20 years old, knew that even temporary possession of written notes was against the rules, but he shrugged it off as a necessary risk. One such “kite” was an invitation, which read, “Look we cookin … send some kinda meat for your bowl.” It was scrawled across a scrap of notebook paper, folded seven times and passed from one inmate to another via a third. The paper traveled across cellblock C of the prison, a maximum-security facility in a small town in New York.

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