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if you know a punk who is an abuser or harbors abusers
  1. steal their bike, they probably stole it from a poor person anyway
  2. steal their bike and donate it
  3. steal their bike and sell it for scrap because you need the money more than they do
  4. steal their rare bike and undersell it on craigslist just to spite them
  5. tell their parents about their tattoos so they get cut off
  6. report them to the humane society because they probably don’t feed their dog
  7. email a link to their blog to the law schools they are applying to
  8. report them to the irb
  9. tell the innercity nonprofits they work for that they stole their bike from a homeless person
  10. cut off their white people dreds
  11. warn the little caesar’s that they are getting stolen from by an oogle
  12. tell all their friends how much money their parents make
  13. hack their blogs and make posts letting everyone know how much money their parents make
  14. convince them that their org is being infiltrated so they no longer have any fun at potlucks
  15. donate their entire zine collection to barnard
  16. send their zine to maximum rnr to be reviewed unfavorably
  17. open for them at a show but instead of playing your own songs, play all of their songs and ruin their set (this only works if the person is minimally as punk famous as spoonboy)
  18. guilt them about their avocado tattoo
  19. make fun of them about their avocado tattoo
  20. tell them quinoa is unethical
  21. run them over
  22. push them off a bridge
  23. light them on fire
  24. rob them
  25. write a zine about them and then put that zine inside all their shitty zines at every distro
  26. be prettier and smarter and more successful and more politically sound than they are (easiest one)
  27. tell everyone that they are abusers or apologists (this one often doesn’t hurt them much, sorry)



I’m really mad today (even more than usual) that internet famous people have been straight-up plagiarizing Katy. People keep plagiarizing Katy? A lot? Like, people who get paid to write things? Are always stealing from Katy?

She’s not that mad about it because she just wants to be agrilolita, so right now I’m gonna do what I can with my modest internet fame to remind you all that a) Katy is smarter and better than you/better than many people and b) you can buy many things that she makes.

Look at these hats she made for us! Winter is coming in Australia! HERE IS HER HAT SHOP. She does custom hats! Look at this other thing she made for me that’s amazing, if you have knitwear dreams you should talk to her about commissioning them. 

Please buy things from her to give her money to save up to buy rabbits and groceries and shit and someday go to school to be a counselor or a therapist or something. Please buy things from her because people on the internet profit off her work.

ok bye

I was having a conversation with Katy about how alienating the “be mean to your boyfriend” thing is to me, mostly because that performance isn’t about me, or people who are many years into a probably-lifelong relationship with a person and (somehow) not uncomfortable about that. I’m sure it also has to do with a memory of me saying “all my friends talk about how dumb and boring their boyfriends are, why aren’t you more dumb and boring” and how that seriously hurt Lucas’s feelings, because, like, this is a partnership? And it was shitty of me to do that? What does that even mean?

This might have been an ideological conversation, but it pretty quickly derailed into “Daniel is gr8” and “yeah my boyfriend’s pretty okay, idgi.”

(tw sizeism/ed/laci green)

in this video Laci Green straddles a tree and says she coined the term “fatophobic” and then she cries about how she got fat and started to worry about her lifespan then she walks on a log like a balance beam and says she decided to start paying more attention to portion sizes then she is all “now people compliment me, as if I didn’t look good before!” which is a lie, because both before and after she wears American Eagle camp shirts

anonymous asked:

"#i also think that learning a skill that is easy that you can see quick improvement in #worked really well for me" i think this is a really good idea but can't think of any. if it's not too much trouble could you give a couple of examples?

My example was baking! That actually had as much to do with food as anything, but I had historically been really bad at baking and would get angry at it, but I worked really hard to give myself distance and time to learn without big expectations, and that meant that over a few weeks I got…reasonably decent at baking! Baking is a very easy and accessible one.

I think it is key to set the bar low and choose something you don’t have too many expectations about going into it. (For me, making music is way too loaded so I always get frustrated that I am not getting better fast enough, so it is sometimes actually the opposite of self-care. Still! Guitar is really easy and if you have access to an instrument that might work for you. But instruments take a long time to get good at so it might end up making you feel less capable than you did starting out.)

Lots of crafting skills might apply here. Lots of people choose knitting! I don’t know how to knit myself because it seems useless because everybody else knits. My advice, though, is if you have friends who are really good at a craft, that can be a great resource but it can also end up making you feel bad when you aren’t as good as they are very quickly, so it might end up backfiring. Maybe if all your friends knit and you take up crochet, that could work because you can allow yourself space to learn and get better at your pace but also then you don’t have to compare yourself to others. Plus! If you crochet and none of your friends crochet, they are more likely to shower you with praise and be impressed at your small progress. Sewing is a good one, I think, because you can do very basic things with it and it’s vaguely harder to mess up than other stuff. (Don’t jump into sewing wanting to make a dress because you will end up hating yourself. I would recommend mending, sewing patches onto stuff, cross-stitch maybe, and small freehanded embroidery projects.)

I personally like to make pony bead projects and relief prints, but your results may vary. (Last year making those Christmas cards was such a revelation because I watched myself produce a lot of physical evidence that I existed and had a body, and it was all pretty good, because it’s hard to fuck up a basic relief print imho. Made me feel human. Plus then I had an easy way to make a lot of things to give to people! Which feels nice.)

Also! Painting your nails! I love this example because everyone is bad at it at first but if you do ‘em once a week you will see yourself significantly improve in, like, a month. And you will feel great about yourself.

Lots of people choose to learn to cook better, too. See Katy’s personal cooking journal tag!

So! I would say, just make sure not to jump anything with too many expectations, and don’t put yourself in positions that you know will make you hard on yourself. And also, try to (as best you can) at least use resources (friends, internet, books, tools) that you can so that you are not going in totally unprepared, because then you will just do less good and hate yourself.

Does that help? Does anyone have any other suggestions of skills that are really easy to improve at in small increments to make you feel good about yourself?

Katy’s Feminist Skilljoys zines might give you more ideas.

Katy's input!!

Katy points out that it sounds like I am saying that it’s not okay for straight women to have distrust of men, which I don’t want you to think. I have MUCH distrust for men and I think networking distrust for men is one of the key tools of feminism. She pointed out that the way she sees it operate, which is a hugely good thing that I think is the most worth defending, is “whether or not you find men who will win your trust, your default is wariness.” This is why I was taking issue with **some** people sort of mixing up “cute glitter text of misandry” and “women saying they hate men,” in part. I think that #misandry has become scapegoated as A Bad Thing Feminists Do Wrong Because They Are Stupid And Don’t Understand How Gender Works and that ultimately serves to, among other things, rob people of one of their mechanisms for safety. THAT was probably the core thing I took issue with, actually! 

And when I said “this never was my thing” I mean, mostly, like, gifs about The Blood Of Men or whatever, and while I have seen cool critiques of those I….don’t feel like they are something we should be getting that mad about. But I mean if you are mad about them that’s cool too. I dunno. 

Just don’t “critique” “misandry” and also be friends with Spoonboy you sons of bitches