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okay here is the pairing: Aomine x Kise ( * v * )


Ok, ok. Lemme think of something LESS angsty than I did for the other one.

Completely disregarding Aomine’s love for Kuroko and only being really close friends with him, he slowly starts to develop feelings for Kise due to Kise’s admiration for him. Since Kise started basketball because of Aomine, Aomine can’t help but feel quite prideful over it.

Seeing Kise being close to Kasamatsu or even his fangirls, Aomine can’t help but ALSO feel irritated yet doesn’t know what he is feeling because he is dense in that situation. And in order to remedy the feeling, he purposefully hurts Kise by doing things like slinging his arm around Kuroko. Of course, he initially feels good until he sees Kise’s sad hurt puppy face and then feels worse afterwards. Basically, they both use Kuroko as a means of making the other jealous which in turn irritates Kuroko because holy cow can these two just kiss each other already?!

As for Kise, he’s always, always been in love with Aomine but only realizes it when his fangirls poke into his love life and ask him who he likes. I can imagine a question like “Is there someone that pops up every time you try to think of someone you love?” So they are both very dense when it comes to their love for one another.

I can see the two of them getting together ONLY after their epic match against each other though.

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1) If you could relive one moment of your life what would it be? 

  • Last year of high school. Met the President of the country. She’s corrupted, believed to be evil, and I hate her, but I sneaked my way to get a photo of her for our school paper and it’s so paparazzi-like. It’s kinda fun xD

2) If you could re-do something from the past what would it be?

  • Last year in College. I could have done better.

3) What color describes you? 

  • Pink. Or more like I’m identified with it.

4) What is your favorite meal?

  • Anything I cooked for myself

5) What is one thing you could not live without?

  • Food

6) How many licks to the center of a tootsie pop?

  • I do not lick. I bite my way to it >:D

7) If you could go to any bands concert who would you see?

  • KAT-TUN of course

8) Who is one person you hope to meet before you die?

  • ohmygodwhydoesithavetobejustoneummmokaayyy Kame. Since I’ve been claiming he’ll cause the death of me somewhere in the future so then let it be.

9) If you were to do one thing before you die what would it be?

  • Meet KAT-TUN. Maybe give a translated version of my letter to them. and endlessly thank them for that big turn they’ve caused in my life

10) If you could go to one place within the next year where would it be?

  • JAPAN. Or anywhere I can watch KAT-TUN’s concert live. But preferably Japan you know what I mean

11) What should you be doing instead of answering these questions?

  • Reviewing for the board exams
So here’s my questions-
  1. If you get to sing one KAT-TUN song in front of KAT-TUN themselves, which one would it be?
  2. Bask in the sunlight or bathe under the rain?
  3. What’s that one JE song you could consider as the soundtrack of your life?
  4. A pet you dream of having.
  5. First place you’d go to once you’re in Japan
  6. If am your slave for a day what would you want me to do? (this one I’d really want to know your answer so kindly tag me when you do. )
  7. Anything you look forward to in the next 12 months
  8. If you can alter anything from KAT-TUN’s history what would it be?
  9. Your most precious memory of KAT-TUN
  10. The most important thing you can give up in exchange of meeting KAT-TUN
  11. Any craving you have right now 
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