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Hey 😘 someone should cosplay commission me, I make everything I wear and I’ve got a lot of spare time on my hands this summer. Here’s a couple examples of cosplays I’ve made in the past two months. Message me on here about my rates. If you’d like a more official way of messaging please DM me for my email address.
What I actually made in each cosplay break down:
Neon katt- sewed together the shirt, painted and attached bell to collar, made belt buckle, made all the knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, sewed and stuffed tail then painted ombre.
Jack skellington: made bow tie. Painted on stripes onto the jacket and pants.
Kanaya: sewed and painted the horns, made the apron and maid headband.
Bee: made cape and wings, made the halo, made the bird on the sweatshirt with felt, made the boot covers.

Did you know that @strawberrycherryinwonderland is an awesome photographer? 😏
I had good luck and was her first model as Neon Katt 😸✨

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My Flynt Coal cosplay finally made its debut and boy was that a good time
(Headcanon that Flynt had to add one clone at a time : Daring Duet. Triumphant Trio, etc.)

Neon Katt: @cscakes

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I’m getting so many sweet messages about my Neon cosplay and it makes me so happy. People are saying that I’m canon and that its so cool that I actually rollerblade and etc etc. Like I’m known as “THE NEON KATT COSPLAYER” to some people. Things like that make me smile and I start acting like such a dork. I’m so glad there are such wonderful people in this community 💖
📸: @b_mccampbell