katts art


Flyneon headcanon  ✨

Listening to Somewhere only We know, I thought it would be so cool if Flynt helped Neon once their team was built. Maybe she was shy first ? Since she’s a faunus, and may have experienced bullshit from people, she wouldn’t be very expressive. AND THEN FLYNT AND HER TALKED “OH YOU LIKE SKATING?” DAMN RIGHT…. and then they build an amazing bond ♥


Ahh, Lolly! I’m sure Katt just wanted to be friends!! (; ’ ⌓’)

Villager suggestions come from kurokurox, littlepigygirl, floaroma–town, and anon! Sorry I haven’t been able to answer a lot of these lately…! ><

Grimoire Tour #1
Here is a tour of my grimoire so far! Some of the pages are half finished and there is no particular order for info, but I love it all the same :) enjoy!

🌸  It’s been so long since I last posted pictures of my grimoire pages, and I figured it’d be way easier to make a video than to try and photograph every page. Let me know if you like it :D I love it. 🌸