katts art


Here is the Princess Keith AU I mentioned earlier and it’s as terrible as I imagined. This is partly an excuse to draw Keith in a dress again because it’s addicting.

In this AU, Keith is a dirty princess who just wants to play with knives and skip is etiquette lessons. Why is he a princess instead of a prince? Because. The harem is his knights except for Lotor. Lotor is the hot dark knight bro. Gotta have a bad boy in there, you know?

“Your face is red which means you’ve either got rosacea that didn’t show up til now, an allergy to something, or… you’re embarrassed, maybe nervous? Am I too close Kogane?”
“How could you possibly know all this Holt?”
“Trust me I’m a doctor.” ;)


Flyneon headcanon  ✨

Listening to Somewhere only We know, I thought it would be so cool if Flynt helped Neon once their team was built. Maybe she was shy first ? Since she’s a faunus, and may have experienced bullshit from people, she wouldn’t be very expressive. AND THEN FLYNT AND HER TALKED “OH YOU LIKE SKATING?” DAMN RIGHT…. and then they build an amazing bond ♥

I have.. thoughts..

With Jeremy’s recent interview. I’ve seen Klance shippers be absolutely horrible (and it’s not the first time) to not only him, harassing him on Instagram comments. But to other shippers especially allurance and shaladin. I just wanna say that, it’s made me lose love for this ship. The actions of a lot of klance shippers have made me lose love for this ship and It’s hard to look at it now without remembering just… all the hate. I’m sorry if I haven’t been drawing it. I’m sorry if I won’t be drawing for it in a long while but until the fandom starts being respectful human beings to other shippers and accepting that “hey, klance might not be canon, and the creators don’t owe you anything, this show is more than just a ship anyways” then I don’t know if I can draw klance for a fandom that’s so cruel. I’m a multishipper. I love love, and romance and soft wholesome relationships, I think a lot of ships in this show are good. But I know a lot of it is fanon. It’s not real. And I have to ask, why does the lgbt rep have to be klance? Why does it have to be your ship? Do you really care about representation or is it only about your ship? I really hope this fandom changes because it’s become incredibly toxic and unhealthy. I’ll continue to create art that makes me happy (I’ve been really into matt x Keith lately) and for now that might not be Klance so I apologize.