katterlin  asked:

This is totally random, but I wanted to run my theory by someone. I think that the faerie woman's conversation with Tessa about changelings was a hint. My theory is that Tessa's mother was the "changeling." I think that her mother was actually a Starkweather, but was switched with a mundane child shortly after birth. That's why Aloysius' granddaughter died after being Marked; she was actually a mundane. I think that maybe because Elizabeth wasn't Marked or trained the stillborn thing...

I think that’s very possible. I do believe that Tessa is linked to the Starkweather (and that’s why Tessa’s in mourning in City of Glass - she’s mourning Hodge) and it does seem like a good reason why the faerie made that comment and why Starkweather reacted the way he did to her. So, I think you’re probably right.