“Mood changing” gel polish by Gel II, called ‘After Dark.’ I. AM. OBSESSED. It’s a slightly sheer gray that changes to black and it’s the perfect color to go with just about everything. I added some holographic silver dots, alllll hand placed, and surprising not as tedious as I feared.


There is NOTHING WRONG with being a mermaid, aspiring to be one, or knowing you’re one! Don’t let any of those bitches stomp on your dreams. You’re a freaking mermaid, and you’re beautiful. Pastel ombre here, with some golden seashells and scales. All hand painted. And obviously I threw some diamonds in there.

A different set of red nails. Deep wine red, and it’s matte too! But I lathered on the lotion and oils. The ring fingers have a holographic silver base and then I added a ton of embellishments. Mostly swarvoski crystals. That’s my shit. ;)

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How to create this galaxy look:
1. Paint your nails black, dark blue or dark purple.
2. Grab a make up sponge and sponge on white over ¾ of the nail. I typically start at the corners or sides and work my way towards the middle. Make it random! Go for oval shapes when you sponge.
3. Take your sponge and sponge on blue over ½ of the white you just sponged.
4. Take your sponge and sponge on purple/pink over the rest of the white showing. (sometimes I leave a little white)
5. Add a fine glitter polish over any of the nail where the base color is still showing.  I used CND Sparking Effects
6. Add some random white dots, I prefer different sizes for a more depth look.
7. Top coat, and voila!

Tips & Tricks?

- Wait at least 2 minutes in between sponging each color. If the polish is too wet, you might end up denting the base coat and it’s impossible to fix nicely :(

- Experiment with colors. I’ve used yellows and greens and oranges.. all amazing!

- You can try drawing actual stars or maybe a planet!

-Patience! Practice makes perfect :)