Vintage style roses! Easily one of my top favorite designs to do, besides galaxy. I freaking love me some galaxy. Anyway, these are pretty simple. I mainly used just red and yellow for the base of the roses, then mixed each color with a drop of white/ a drop of black and made small half circles for petals. Add some leaves, and bam! Roses.

“Mood changing” gel polish by Gel II, called ‘After Dark.’ I. AM. OBSESSED. It’s a slightly sheer gray that changes to black and it’s the perfect color to go with just about everything. I added some holographic silver dots, alllll hand placed, and surprising not as tedious as I feared.


There is NOTHING WRONG with being a mermaid, aspiring to be one, or knowing you’re one! Don’t let any of those bitches stomp on your dreams. You’re a freaking mermaid, and you’re beautiful. Pastel ombre here, with some golden seashells and scales. All hand painted. And obviously I threw some diamonds in there.

Mood changing polish! It’s my new favorite thing. This color changed from a very nude/white/pink, to a bright hot pink. The bright pink was slightly obnoxious, but it’s only that color when it’s cold out, and I live in south Florida.. So not really an issue here. Hand painted filigree on the ring fingers and swarvoski crystals around the cuticles. Perfect for my beautiful coworkers wedding in Costa Rica. :)