I drew myself as a Pokemon trainer! I had a lot of fun doing it and this is basically what I’m taking about for donation pictures. A like kind of trainer ID I guess?? The trainer can be your OC or I can look at pictures of you and come up with how you would look poke-versed! I’m thinking like 5$ min for a drawing! I MEED TO GET POKEMON OK?!?!?

So at first I really hated the new52 design of Ivy, buuuuuut some aspect of it really grew on me. I like how she kind of looks like a shadowy tree. I wanted to do my own version of the costume so I did! In my head I picture her leaves and “shadows” as always moving, she would be surrounded by a pinkish pheromone dust at all times like in the Arkham games and while walking leaves and junk would fall off of her.