Serious question

Okay so here is a serious question.

What would have happened,if Katara had taken Yon rah’s life?

What would have been your reaction?what would you be feeling?

Would you be able to forgive her?

Kattang shippers, what would be your opinion ? Your honest opinion? Would you still pair her with Aang?

To zutara shippers, how would you feel? Would you still pair her with Zuko ? What would be on your thoughts?.

Would you have changed your views about katara? And why? What are your current impressions about katara? And why is that?

What would be Aang’s reaction??

What would be zukos reaction??


Various interpretations of the bunyip by Brendan J. Pearce.  You can find the full-sized copies on his blog and gallery, but some images from the latter source have compression artifacts.

In the next four days I’ll feature the Chimera, Tanuki, Trunko, and Chonchón (possibly not in that order).  Let me know what creature you’d like to see next (the more obscure the better).

He doesn’t fly so high, anymore.

It shames him, hurts him, brings him as low as rocks and dust. But when he feels the air up high, the altitude so great that his lungs survive where others would give in or pass out, he remembers things he doesn’t want to remember. Tastes the nightmares of memories he’s never had but has imagined that he deserved to.

Flying high makes him think of ashes, and dust, and fires on the mountainside, and blinking and all the people of the wind - his people - just gone. Forever.

No, mountains aren’t his home anymore. Steppes and plains are not his now, and they never will be again.

But, and there is a but.

Now, the ashes are worn away by the crashing of waves, and the sun’s blazing glare across miles of ice, and the howling wind flush with frost answers a song in his own heart.

And a warm hand in his, and this girl that is teacher and ally and mentor and love, all at once, and now it doesn’t matter that the mountains aren’t his flight place anymore.

He flies over ice and snow and frost now.

The South Pole is his home now, and he is glad for it.