Serious question

Okay so here is a serious question.

What would have happened,if Katara had taken Yon rah’s life?

What would have been your reaction?what would you be feeling?

Would you be able to forgive her?

Kattang shippers, what would be your opinion ? Your honest opinion? Would you still pair her with Aang?

To zutara shippers, how would you feel? Would you still pair her with Zuko ? What would be on your thoughts?.

Would you have changed your views about katara? And why? What are your current impressions about katara? And why is that?

What would be Aang’s reaction??

What would be zukos reaction??


Various interpretations of the bunyip by Brendan J. Pearce.  You can find the full-sized copies on his blog and gallery, but some images from the latter source have compression artifacts.

In the next four days I’ll feature the Chimera, Tanuki, Trunko, and Chonchón (possibly not in that order).  Let me know what creature you’d like to see next (the more obscure the better).

I am just saying …

How could you ever truly understand what the light is, if you have never seen the darkness??

Zuko is not only able to bring out the very dark in Katara, but also the very light In Katara.

He is able to bring out emotions that have been repressed : due to her being the mother/ older sister figure of team avatar.

Can you see Katara being this true with anyone else ? Expressing her anger without being judged?? Without having to use a mask??

He can see the very best in katara, even when she is only willing to show her very worst.

But this is not a one sided thing , that’s why it is so mind blowing.

Katara does the very same for zuko, bringing out the very worst/best in him.

She is able to bring out emotions/ fears that he is unwilling to show, because he fears the thought of being weak.

I could write an entire essay on why these two are meant to be.

What they have is beautiful.
What they have is realistic.
What they have is meaningful.

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