katt shut up

youd think my idol being the literal example of a damn beanpole would discourage me from being body positive but like?? bowie has only made me more confident?? because he was weird small lizard man and it made him look so unique and you know what!! im very tall and chubby and have broad shoulders but it makes me unique and i like it. i like looking weird. so did lizard man.

You ever fall down the old rp rabbit hole when you shouldn’t because a) you need sleep and b) that 1x1 died YEARS ago and you’re not even sure you could write that character again even if the other mun was still active? Cause I did. And I SERIOUSLY need to sleep. Cause now I want to find someone to rp that plot with as if I have that kind of time.

lmao a year ago i still thought i was straight. i didnt understand why david bowie was the ~only~ guy i was attracted to. i remember literally repeating to myself “you have to get a husband and he may not be perfect but youll have to love him” and drilling it into my head because.. what were my other options? i mean, this is right after i used to fantasize about sigourney weaver but only totally as a Straight Girl Crush™ because im straight?? obviously, gosh. dude how was i so clueless? THE REASON YOU CANT IMAGINE A HUSBAND IS BECAUSE UR GAY AND WANT A WIFE U DUMMY HEAD also shoutout to lady gaga’s vampire mistress character in american horror story for fueling my first messy Bisexual fantasy bc oh shit, i always acknowledged The Gays and never thought i would be A Gay but here i am