Here is the Princess Keith AU I mentioned earlier and it’s as terrible as I imagined. This is partly an excuse to draw Keith in a dress again because it’s addicting.

In this AU, Keith is a dirty princess who just wants to play with knives and skip is etiquette lessons. Why is he a princess instead of a prince? Because. The harem is his knights except for Lotor. Lotor is the hot dark knight bro. Gotta have a bad boy in there, you know?

you know what’s cool?

shipping klance

you know what’s also cool?

shipping allurance

you know what’s also cool??

shipping sheith

you know what’s also cool???

shipping shallura

you know what’s also cool????

shipping lotura

you know what’s also cool?????

shipping whatever the hell you like

but you know what’s NOT cool?

telling people that they’re invalid or irrelevant or stupid or uneducated for shipping whatever the hell they like

tldr; you know what’s cool?

allowing people to enjoy a show along with their ships without having to be harassed or belittled for trying to have some damn fun

“Your face is red which means you’ve either got rosacea that didn’t show up til now, an allergy to something, or… you’re embarrassed, maybe nervous? Am I too close Kogane?”
“How could you possibly know all this Holt?”
“Trust me I’m a doctor.” ;)