So last year, I organized a fandub of the very first episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series animated by Toey, famously known as “Season Zero” by fans.  It was a super fun and ambitious project, and everybody totally pulled through.

I figured I’d bring it back just around a year later, just because!  Thanks again to the wonderful cast who helped make this a reality!


Muto Yuugi
Hailey “Squiggly” Lain (@squigglydigg)

Katsuya Jonouchi
Kanono (on Youtube)

Mazaki Anzu
Kirsten Conti @arorea

Hiroto Honda
Patrick Seymour @pmseymourva

Nosaka Miho
“Cee B.” @ceeblathers

Sugoroku Muto
Cole Daigneault @simulpony

Tetsu Ushio
David Zimmerman @citrusstorm

Archaeologist A
David Zimmerman @citrusstorm

Archaeologists (B & C)
Tobennh Dacanay @navnavprime

Boys (A & B)
Tobennh Dacanay @navnavprime

Hall Monitors (A, B, C)
Tobennh Dacanay @navnavprime

Girl A

Girl B
“Duque” @duque-at-her-computer

Girl C
Ali Thar @ali-yu

All copyrights to the animated content in this fan work belong to Toei Animation.  All music used belongs to Toei Animation, Nihon Ad Systems, and Studio Gallop, Wands, and FIELD OF VIEW.  Neither I nor any actors who partook in this fan work claim any ownership of any copyrighted material; the only thing we own are our voices.