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ヴァンガワンドロまとめ④ by ユウ

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~Will’s Birthday Story~

It starts with you being at Noir’s headquarters and you run into Will and Ryoichi. You find out that it’ll be Will’s birthday soon but he’s very busy with all the preparations for his birthday ball. Then Will invites you to the ball (as his date??). You refuse at first as you don’t want to cause him any trouble but he insists so you agree to it. 

Fast forward to the day of the ball. Everything goes smoothly. You are dazzled by how grand it is. Will shows you around and introduces you to people etc. You have great fun then you retire to your room for the night.

The next morning, Will comes to escort you back to Iris but you say there’s a place you want to take him to first. You lead him to a field of flowers by the sea. Will is delighted by the scenery, then some of the other Noir members appear to wish Will a happy birthday. Turns out you’d secretly planned this with Ryoichi. Will is very delighted that his friends are here. You have a little celebration. 

After a while, everyone drifts off to do their own things - Eisuke is busy on the phone, Katsuragi and Ryoichi are discussing Ryoichi’s novels, Ren is napping… XD;; (Silly Ren~) Will asks you to go somewhere with him since the others are all busy. He takes your hand and leads you away from the others. Then he thanks you for his little birthday surprise and says how much he appreciates it as thanks to you he could finally step away from his official duties for a bit and have some private time and he’d like you to stay a while longer with him. You agree to it. End. 

(I’ll do the Night Party side of the Anniversary event story later…)

Rewrite {RЯ} Яeverse [Link Joker OP, Override ver.]

It took a long time to finally get Vegas sorted after jumping laptops [a newer version at that!], and longer to hoist out of a very deep rut, but the fire came back to write a few weeks back, and had been wanting to do something with the song since seeing some wonderful Fate/Grand Order MADs, which wound up leaning on a lot [or replicating, in a lot of places]. Also a couple of notes beneath cut might explain some things. It’s been too long and two days work paid off with this, so hope you enjoy!

“Requiem of Truth” - Ayane

Cardfight!! Vanguard © Akira Itou, Bushiroad, TV Aichi, etcetc.
11eyes  © Lass, Doga Kobo, etcetc.

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☆~Christmas story~☆

It’s December. You are eating in the Shields’ canteen with Yamato one day and you talk about how it’ll be Christmas soon. Turns out Shields doesn’t really do anything special for Christmas since it was all guys before you joined them so they didn’t really feel the need to have a party. Yamato says how maybe they could have a party this year because you’re here. Kyohei and Akito overhear your conversation and agree it’s a good idea but then they remember that they’ll be quite busy with work at Christmas… You suggest having the party earlier to accomodate their work schedule. With that settled, it’s time to prepare for the party!

The day of the party arrives. You’re having it in a luxurious cabin in the woods that belongs to Satsuki. Everyone gets busy with decorating the place and preparing the food, but then people, food, decorations and presents start to mysteriously disappear… Eventually, only you, Yamato, Joshua, Iori and Satsuki are left. Satsuki then tells you about the legend of an abominable snowman in that part of the woods. The others don’t believe him but you do very much!! The others then try to reassure you that abominable snowmen don’t exist, then they decide to go outside to look for the missing Shields members. You go along with them, leaving Satsuki behind in case the missing members return.

While walking in the woods, you find some of the missing decorations. You’re convinced that it’s the snowman’s doing then you see something and scream! It’s a snowman!! Only it turns out to be a large fake snowman being carried by Ryoichi, Katsuragi and Eisuke! Noir is having a Christmas party too in a cabin nearby. The Noir members tell you that Roberto and the others have joined their party so you follow them to the Noir party.

You find all the missing Shields members, food, decorations and presents at the Noir cabin! Roberto says he and the others went over to Noir because it’s more fun to have the party with more people. Then Joshua scolds him for just leaving like that without telling anyone… Anyway, you all agree to have the party together with Noir in their cabin and someone goes back to fetch Satsuki. In the meantime, you ask Ryoichi why Noir decided to have their party here as well. Will then speaks up and says he was very surprised when Ryoichi suddenly suggested having a Christmas party. Then Satsuki arrives and remarks how he’d told Ryoichi that Shields was holding Christmas party. Ryoichi doesn’t repond and just blushes in embarrassment and annoyance!

The party begins. Eisuke takes out this really really expensive champagne that costs a million a bottle! Hence why Subaru looks so shocked in the screenshot up there! XD Then the conversation turns to how it’s been such an eventful year starting with Shields and Noir fighting for you then ending with both sides being friends and having this party together.

After a while, a drunk Ryoichi suggests playing a game with you as the prize! Yamato quickly objects to that saying you aren’t an object to be won. (Thanks, Yamato!) Ryoichi then says the prize will be the right to go on a date with you on Christmas Eve and he says how Yamato is probably scared that he’ll lose. Anyway, the others think it’s a great idea! Eisuke suggests a game of poker and takes out a deck of cards. Katsuragi wants to stop them but he doesn’t really get a chance to say anything because everyone is so excited, but he reassures you that he’ll stop them if things get out of hand. Katsuragi-papa will protect you, don’t worry! Yamato also reassures you that everything will be alright because he’ll definitely win…

The poker game starts and everyone watches intently. Both Yamato and Ryoichi put on their poker faces. Ryoichi remarks how Yamato looks different from usual. Yamato says he doesn’t and that he’s always looked like that. Then Ryoichi says how cute Yamato looked when he first joined Shields and how he was so amazed by Shields’ ability to travel thru dimensions and worlds. Ryoichi says Yamato would go round asking ‘Ryoichi-san, what is that??’ (Ryoichi was the leader of the 1st Corps before he left and Yamato was made leader.) Yamato doesn’t really to want to talk about all that…

During the intense game, Roberto comes over to ask if anyone wants any turkey but no one answers him as they’re all too absorbed by the poker game. The poker game is nearing its end. Yamato and Ryoichi are about to show their hands when the power goes off! Roberto can be heard apologizing. Apparently he was trying to bake the turkey on his own when he somehow blew a fuse… Everyone is quite annoyed by this then Roberto suddenly loses his temper and says how all this happened because everyone was ignoring him earlier! Then he quickly calms down again and says he’ll go fix the fuse. While waiting for the power to come back, Ren notices that it’s started to snow outside. Everyone excitedly hurries outside to see, but then a cold wind starts to blow so they start to go back inside. You stay outside for a while longer until Yamato says it’s time to go inside and exchange presents. You follow him back inside. End.


あけましておめでとうございます! by ユウ

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