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Hey Mizu-chan, Bishonen'sFoxyMiko here. I don't know if I'm late for the headcanon requests. If not, then I'd like to see some for Kagome paired with KnB's Harasawa Katsunori; Tōō's coach XD But if I am too late, it's ok^^ I'll just wait for the next one XD

Now this is new! I didn’t even think Harasawa would ever be requested, haha. But I hope I do well…


  • Too had known Harasawa was married, but never believed his wife would be better looking than him.
    • Most female students were hoping that was not the case, but were proven wrong the moment Kagome came to school to deliver some papers to her husband.
  • Aomine, having thought he had the right moves, tried to flirt with her as she waited outside the gym, but Harasawa put a stop to it and told him he would work double for bothering his wife.
    • The whole team went into shock.
      • Especially after hearing Kagome’s age: 39.
  • His habit of fidgeting with his hair or twirling is stopped by Kagome as she grabs his hands.
    • But he later begins to run his hands in her hair, which she has no objection to.
  • Kagome has told him to loosen up more around his team to lighten up the mood, but when he tries to make a joke, she just tells him to stay silent and leave it up to her.
    • From then on, she visits every other day to brighten the mood in the gym.
      • She is even able to boss Aomine around without any problem.
Types of girls/boys knb prefer

 Basketball players

Kagami Taiga - An elegant women

Izuki Shun - A girl who can understand puns

Midorima Shintarou - A girl who is older than him (Mature?)

Kise Ryouta - A girl who won’t tie him down

Kuroko Tetsuya - A gentle person

Aomine Daiki - A girl with big busts (boobs)

Murasakibara Atsushi - Tall girls 

Akashi Seijuro - A girl who has dignity

Kiyoshi Teppei - A strong hearted girl

Mitobe Rinnosuke - A quiet girl

Koganei Shinji - A cheerful person

Hayama Kotaro - A girl that is not hypocritical

Nebuya Eikichi - A girl that is dominant

Ogiwara Shigehiro - Someone who is cheerful and energetic

Haizaki Shougo - Erotic girls

Kasamatsu Yukio - A serious girl

Furihata Kouki - Someone who has their own world

Mayuzumi Chihiro - A quiet girl (Same as Mitobe)

Mibuchi Reo - An attentive person

Takao Kazunari - Someone who is positive

Wakamatsu Kousuke - A girl that is slightly ditz

Himuro Tatsuya - A strong woman

Tsuchida Satoshi - His girlfriend (haha)

Hanamiya Makoto - A stupid girl

Kiyoshi Miyaji - Miyu-miyu (his oshimen)

Sakurai Ryou - A drifter type of girl

Imayoshi Shouichi - A kikubari (attentive/considerate/respectful girl)

Wei Liu - A girl who smiles a lot

Mitsuhiro Hayakawa - A silent girl

Koichi Kawahara - Dojikko (a clumsy girl)

Nijimura Shuuzou - A girl who is good at cooking


Genta Takuchi - A women who will respect her man (Coach of Kaijo High)

Kagetora Aida - His wife (Riko Aida’s dad)

Nakatani Masaaki - His wife (Coach of Shutoku High)

Harasawa Katsunori - A calm and composed women (Coach of Tōō Academy)

Eiji Shirogane - His Wife (Coach of Rakuzan High)


Alexandra Garcia (Alex) - A man that is confident (or “strong and masculine”)

Riko Aida - A guy who seriously puts their all into something (Coach of Seirin)

Momoi Satsuki - A man that is mysterious (Manager of Tōō Academy)

Masako Araki - A strong man (Coach of Yosen High)

Source - Characters bible by Tadatoshi Fujimaki

-Admin Sae ^-^

What preference of these knb characters match up to you? Tell me what matches up with your personality/characteristics~ I’m super curious haha  XD I got this from the Characters bible, which is the first official knb fan book. :)Credits to da amazing mangaka of knb<3~ Alsooooo, if I missed any characters by any chance. Feel free to tell me~ I’ll add them also ^^ Sankyuu<3

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Okay this is slightly different, but imagine coach Katsunori Harasawa being married to a man (i bet you he's gay) and that same husband is the one taking care of the team on a road trip or a camp and being the sweetest man ever. I need to know Too reactions when said two men meet after the trip and kiss if the team had not the slightest idea about their relationship .. please :3

Aomine: He’d raise his eyebrows in surprise, his lips in a thin line while his breath caught silently in his throat. That would only last for a couple of seconds though, and then he’d go right back to his usual self, putting his hands behind his head and yawning, the exhaustion catching up with him as he walks his way home along with Satsuki. 

Momoi: Mouth agape, she turns red at the display. She isn’t surprised he’s gay, she’s Momoi after all. What she’s so shocked about is the fact they’re doing that in public! How scandalous. She did not expect this from someone as stoic as Harasawa. 

Imayoshi: His reaction is similar to Aomine’s, except he does his little hum of muted curiosity. He then proceeds to start walking in the way of his house, noting that the stoic coach of Too is capable of PDA. Other than that, he doesn’t really care.

Susa: Looks for a split second but doesn’t pay them any mind. He didn’t peg his coach as someone capable of being married, but other than that, thinks it’s not his place. Accepts it and keeps moving.

Wakamatsu: Let’s out a half-scream at the PDA but his mouth is quickly covered by Susa who has a very exasperated expression on his face. Wakamatsu gets a hold of his feelings and turns slightly red. Probably can’t look his coach in the eye for a while.

Sakurai: The poor soul probably does the anime thing where he overreacts so bad his eyes disappear and he just silently turns an inhuman shade of red. He just… doesn’t know how to deal with PDA. Probably screams ‘I’M SORRY’ as he runs past the couple.

KnB Birthdays

The bolded names are more important characters. I decided to leave out Josei and Nakamiya South because of the little playing time that they had, but other than that, pretty much every character is included! 

2 - Takeda Kenji (Seirin’s club adviser)
- Araki Masako (Yosen’s couch)
12 - Hanamiya Makoto (Kirisaki Daiichi)
29 - Ishida Hideki (Fukuda Sogou)
31 - Kuroko Tetsuya (Seirin)

5 - Aida Riko (Seirin)
6 - Aida Kagetora (Seirin trainer/Riko’s dad)
13 - Moriyama Yoshitaka (Kaijo)

1 Mayuzumi Chihiro (Rakuzan)
3 - Takeuchi Genta (Kaijo’s coach)
5 - Tsugawa Tomoki (Seiho)
16 - Mochizuki Kazuhiro (Fukuda Sogou)

16 - Wakamatsu Kousuke (Touou)
20 - Otsubo Taisuke (Shutoku)
26 - Fukuda Hiroshi (Seirin)
26 - Matsumoto Itsuki (Kirisaki Daiichi)
30 - Nebuya Eikichi (Rakuzan)

1 - Tsuchida Satoshi (Seirin)
4 - Momoi Satsuki (Touou)
9 - Nakamura Shinya (Kaijo)
16 - Hyuuga Junpei (Seirin)
18 - Kawahara Koichi (Seirin)
23 - Fukui Kensuke (Yosen)
30 - Sakamoto Kenjiro (Seiho)

3 - Imayoshi Shoichi (Touou)
3 - Nakatani Maasaki (Shutoku’s coach)
6 - Papa Mbaye Siki (Shinkyou)
10 - Kiyoshi Teppei (Seirin)
15 - Susa Yoshinori (Touou)
18 - Kise Ryouta (Kaijo)
30 - Furuhashi Kojirou (Kirisaki Daiichi)

3 - Hara Kazuya (Kirisaki Daiichi)
- Midorima Shintarou (Shutoku)
10 - Nijimura Shuuzo (Teiko)
19 - Liu Wei (Yosen)
25 - Hayama Kotarou (Rakuzan)
29 - Kasamatsu Yukio (Kaijo)

2 - Kagami Taiga (Seirin)
4 - Yamazaki Hiroshi (Kirisaki Daiichi)
6 - Kimura Shinsuke (Shutoku)
8 - Alexandra Garcia (Seirin trainer/Kagami mentor)
18 - Hayakawa Mitsuhiro (Kaijo)
31 - Aomine Daiki (Touou)

1 - Okamura Kenichi (Yosen)
9 - Sakurai Ryou (Touou)
11 - Koganei Shinji (Seirin)
23 - Mibuchi Reo (Rakuzan)

2 - Kobori Kouji (Kaijo)
9 - Murasakibara Atsushi (Yosen)
23 - Izuki Shun (Seirin)
30 - Himuro Tatsuya (Yosen)
31 - Iwamura Tsutomu (Seiho)

2 - Haizaki Shougo (Fukuda Sogou)
2 - Seto Kentarou (Kirisaki Daiichi)
5 - Omuro Yoshikasu (Seiho)
8 - Furihata Kouki (Seirin)
11 - Miyaji Kiyoshi (Shutoku)
21 - Takao Kazunari (Shutoku)
21 - Kasuga Ryuuhei (Seiho)
22 - Harasawa Katsunori (Touou’s coach)

3 - Mitobe Rinnosuke (Seirin)
20 - Akashi Seijuro (Rakuzan)

Please tell me if I missed anyone or if I made a mistake! A special thanks to mikkinano for helping me with Seiho and Fukuda Sogou.