I know there are alot of mistakes in this but hnngh I just needed to make a little something for the precious boi.

ALSO! I didnt bother making details because I’m in a rush since my sis uses the laptop more and what she does is important. We have an extra pc now though! O 7O/ Now all we need is a graphic tablet so I’m saving up and doing commissions to buy one. 

So anyway, here’s something for Izuku’s birf~ andIhadtorushsothatswhythelaterpageslookauhgh.

Katsuki and Deku officially won in the voting for Kyoto Tower!!! Now, the Tower started to shine in the colors of their pair! I’m so happy, I’m so proud of katsudeku fans and of katsudeku! My boys deserve it, at least because of the hate that they have been got… They deserve better and I’m so happy they got the Tower!
Now they’re shine together… 

They’re already started to shine, my heroes! 😭


Why did I not hear about the two canonically trans characters in BNHA until now!? I’ve heard so much about trans Kirishima (who isn’t canonically trans) but the fandom doesn’t even seem to want to spread the news of Magne being a trans woman and Tiger being a trans man.

So, please reblog this to spread the news!

Sidenote: I have no problem with trans headcanons, but when they get more attention than the actual trans characters, it kind of grinds my gears since characters in BNHA are usually 3-dimensional regardless of whether or not they’re a villain or side character. This means these trans characters have so much potential that people are ignoring!