I haven’t mentioned how amazing it was to be at Katsucon with my boyfriend.  I love him so much and we got to be together constantly.  I’m glad we did a couple costume that everyone loved, because it meant I never had to stop holding his hand, and people only squeeled the more when I would sneak in a kiss.  

Wearing the Doctor Who cosplay was  really good break, it meant I could hug him and that we could walk places and not be stopped every three feet for a picture.  

My only regrets were it was too cold to go get some good outside pictures, and that we mostly hung out with our selves and didn’t make any friends. AND I forgot my deck so Spence and I couldn’t play any Pokemon.  Ahhh and I thought I’d planned so far ahead!!

Overall I loved Katsucon!! It was a great weekend! 

Somehow posting this just got me in a productive mood, so I guess at 12 pm I’ll get out of bed and get stuff done :D