katsucon progress

First, I’d like to say I’m not doing a full write-up on this costume. First reason is that there is way too much info, and second is that there wasn’t anything super, outrageously innovative done, just a lot of planning. If you want to read more, click on the break v

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Here are some better shots of the prototype Voltron helmet that @zubberz @zubberz and I made last night. Special thanks to my husband, kgoto, for all his help with the EL. He’ll be working with us to add light to the paladin armor.

Shameless bragging: My husband is a blessing.

Anyway, still a lot to work out on this bad boy before we make the real ones.


I heard you like layers, so we made each of them a separate piece 👌

Shout out to @dangerous-ladies for your help on conceptualizing all these pieces. Immeasurably grateful. :3

Almost done with actual garment construction–just the pants and under collar, and then bias taping evvverrryyything.

And then it’s on to armor, axe head, and wiring lights.

I have a lot of things left to do–on both this and my other costumes–and not much time to do them, so I’m foregoing the band on the capelet because ain’t nobody got time to cut the slots out of the stupid little dangles.


progress and final product of my Guts cosplay for Katsucon.

for all the die hard fans i know it’s a little off in a lot of ways, but put up with me for just a bit.


Current Origami Cyclone Progress- This is the first time trying on everything on together because it’s annoying to put it on…! To say this costume has been anything less than exhausting would be a lie. And there’s still so much to do!

The top is not fully put together, still has to add the lining and pins are holding some things in place. The bottom half is nearly done, except for the shoes. Gotta modify the geta… want to add at least another inch to the height to be more accurate, but I’m afraid of falling, lol. Right now it’s a little awkward to walk but not too bad. Opinions? Is extra height worth it? DX

Still many many details to be added…. I’m kind of freaking out. I know some things aren’t going to be done. I’ve plan from the get-go to hold off on the helmet until a later convention, but I recently decided I’m not adding any sponsor logos yet. I want to take my time, as rushing painting them is just a bad idea. There is some official ref art without any. But I’m going to finish as much of the other details as I can without cutting corners.

This weekend I’m starting (and hopefully nearly finishing) the shuriken. I’m scared. A prop is a hard thing to rush, but I’m mostly worried about securely attaching it, womp. Also gonna trim my Ivan wig a bit, as I’ve always thought it was a bit too long for my face.

I’ve been working on this costume everyday since the start of the year, and began months before that.

3 weekends left… I can do this… right? X’D

See all progress.


Soo, you may have noticed I haven’t posted any progress on this in a while, but that’s because I’ve been feverishly at work. And man, did I hit some hurdles.

Bascially everything is gold trim and vinyl and everything hurts. No, really, my fingers hurt from handsewing multiple layers of vinyl my machine wouldn’t go through. I have to finish the waistband and stuff, but the bottom half is mostly done.

I also have the shin guards mostly done, so I’ll probably take another pic when they’re ready… I’m way behind my internal schedule… I wanted to have all these things done before Christmas, but alas… Overall I’m pleased, but there’s plenty of things I’m not happy with. But at this point I don’t have time to finesse things :’D


Okay folks. That long awaited progress report! Just kidding. Pretty sure the person most excited about progress is this guy right here.

So here are the (mostly) finished shin guards. Not terribly happy with the construction on these. You can’t really see in the picture, but the gold is not as smooth as I’d like. But I have to bash it into my brain that once it’s all together, it’s the “whole” that counts, not every minute error or detail. So I’m trying my best to not get too upset with some of the flaws…

Walking around in this costume is going to be the most ridiculous, interesting endeavor… You’re going to have to tape “Wide Load” to my back D'X

EDIT: whoops, forgot to put the front flappy thing on for the pic.