katsucon cosplayers


Some more of my favorite costumes from Katsucon! I apologize for being in so many of these photos, myself haha. Oops. But all of their costumes were amazing!

Winter Belle: disneyprincessnia
Art Nouveau Zelda group (part of our friend Shauna’s group ahh): lettelle, mangosirene, and melvinopolis
Sailor Neptune: aureliancosplay
Darling Charming: phantasmalfawn
Snow White is me!


ya boy here debuted their temple gem cosplay at katsucon this weekend 🌟

i was only in her for a few hours but she was so well received + i’m so happy!! i’m definitely bringing it back for other cons

(photo: kai-rax)

fb: femme prince
insta: femmeprincecosplay