katsucon 20


Lots more photos to go through and weed out, but I just wanted to say what a fabulous time I had at Katsucon. The people were so friendly, the cosplay was a definite step above, I met lots of new people, and most importantly, had a blast walking around with my very beloved Backhand Proposal friends.

(PS, if you see this and recognize me and we talked, please contact me! I want to find all of my line buddies and photoshoot buddies that I missed on Sunday).

And just for a moment of indulgence…it also helped that it was Valentine’s Day… <3

la-souris as Saber

Me as Irisviel von Einzbern 


O Roses of the noble castle,

Power of Dios that slumbers within me,

harken unto thy master and reveal to us the power to revolutionize the world!

So me and sporadicprince brought back our revolutionary girl utena to katsucon <3 we had so much fun!! We found another Utena and anthy that were just so cute!! 

It was funny taking the sword picture in the gazebo cause gosh it that pose lokes SO MUCH EASIER THAN IT IS and this time i encouraged her to put her weight on me and i love how the picture came out <33

Because Sporadicprince got some heals for anthy she was taller than me and i was tipytoeing in a lot of pictures and saying “don’t take a picture of my feet” to most poeple who took pictures of us it was a very interesting day and The rose bride was giving me a lot of sass for my shortness >______>

Anywhos we had a lot of fun with our friends and in that cosplay! (i got to doll up sporadicprince a bit hehe <3) We can’t wait to bring it out for you guys again!!! 

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Pictures By: krobek (the last really pretty one was with her camera the rest were with mine) 

Utena: c-rex94 

Anthy: sporadicprince

Cosplays were made by their respective cosplayers



Persona 3 
Minato Arisato | Minako Arisato | Yukari Takeba | Junpei Iori | Fuuka Yamagishi | Ken Amada | Akihiko Sanada | Shinjiro Aragaki

Super Danganronpa 2
Sonia Nevermind | Mikan Tsumiki | Nanami Chiaki

Mad Father 
Aya Drevis | Dio

Final Fantasy VII
Cloud Strife | Aerith Gainsborough | Tifa Lockhart | Vincent Valentine | Moogle + Cait Sith

Danganronpa Idols 
Sayaka Maizono | violetprince | gingerybiscuitvirulentmalapropisms | katspaw

Kyoukai no Kanata 
Mirai Kuriyama | Akihito Kanbara 

DRAMAtical Murder

You dudes requested fanservice, and the jailbird and the British warden  come through ;)

Prisoner!America and Police!England: xteamlibertea.tumblr.com

Photographer: belovedtsukasa.tumblr.com

Taken at Katsucon 2014


More pictures of my Sakizou Arachne cosplay from katsucon XX is past weekend. Including TWO, count ‘em, TWO gazebo shots. I wish I had been able to wear this for longer periods of time, but the wig and the legs were really heavy and they made me nauseous after about thirty minutes. Everything was hand made by yours truly, with the exception of the basic harness and structure of the legs, which was made by my old man because my college would frown upon me hiding power tools in my dorm.
There’s quite a bit of detail missing, including gloves in three of these shots because I’m a dummy. I waited like the ultraprocrastinator that I am and ended up not having enough time for some of the minor details.


Some blurry nighttime pictures of Princess Serenity. Wish I had eyelashes that weren’t drag queen lashes. Oh well. PS the top is pretty much entirely hand beaded.