katsu's thoughts


Had a lovely day at AB with my Jeanne d'Arc (@girlmadeofjade)! I shopped and ate katsu, which I thought was a meal befitting of the gluttonous king of knights~

Had a photoshoot today but didn’t take any good pics myself other than not-in-character derpy selfies D: Still better than yesterday…I didn’t take even take derpy selfies with my Kaori cosplay  ^^;; 

Hope to see you again next year Boston! Now to prepare to return to normal life TuT 

… Okay, so regrettably my masochistic attempts to draw ALL THE SHIPPING to make up for missing out on Katsucon aren’t as productive as I’d hope.  This is the only thief I got done today and my goal was at least three.  What’s the point of missing Katsu if I can’t at least do awesome blog things.

The problem with drawing until I pass out is that at some point the drawing sucks.  I don’t think this alone is good enough to post on DHB either, buh…. I wonder if I can be too picky about my post formats sometimes?

And this is like the most boring thief scene too… without dialogue anyway.

ANYWAY, considering Youma or Acen as possible Katsu-replacement cons.  Thoughts?  Recommendations?  I’ve already booked for Momocon and AWA for suresies.  Otakon is fairly certain.