A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my room and found a bucket list I started my freshman year. I laughed at a lot of the things on the list, checked some off, and crossed some out that I’ll never be able to check off. And a few are still there. One of them “Post a Makeup on YouTube.” So I did. All over instagram and twitter I see people asking for Rydel to do a tutorial of her makeup, so I chose her makeup for my project:)

You and I, Together-Part 5

Title: Equivalent of a Lazy Day

Characters: Nick & Jeff

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: T

Summary: Jeffrey Sterling is a rising popstar, while Nick Duvall is just a fan that’s been there from the beginning. Two boys from two separate worlds struggle to find themselves while wishing they could find each other.

Words: 2,217 (9,102 Total)

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