Little ‪#‎fbf‬ courtesy of the incredibly talented Marilee Caruso Photography !!!
The right wardrobe just brings a woman’s game up to a whole new level!
Wearing Stardust Dames hair accessory
Match Accessories diamond shaped earrings and Pinup Girl Clothing top, styled by the wonderful House of Winter and MUAH by the fabulous Honey VooDoo
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Kat Stroud
I will never understand why some people get so upset at a big woman loving her body but this will never stop me from loving myself. I stopped caring about the opinions of others when it concerns MY body a long time ago so why should the love of my body enrage others? I don’t need validation from anyone to KNOW that I am worthy of love and happiness and neither do any of you Loves! I don’t have to justify the existence or apologize for my plus size body and neither do any of you! I am here to help inspire women and men to live their lives to the fullest right now not ten lbs down from now! This is My Life & My Choices and I will live it as I please, I fully encourage you Loves to do the same!

I love this Image by Stanley Desbas - was feeling uber confident, bold, and beautiful and he captured that moment perfectly!
Wearing Pinup Girl Clothing haunted housewife dress

Love this shot from the incredibly talented @houseofwinter ❤️ Wore this little number for one of the previous @curvygirllingerie runway shows! Now I can’t wait to rock a sassy little pink baby doll for tomorrow’s show! Have you bought tickets yet?? Head over to the #curvygirllingerie page to get in on the fun before ticket prices go up!

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#wellnesswednesday : There will always be people out there to judge you by your looks. They will assume they know what’s best for you and will bully those perceptions upon you. The best thing to do in this kind of situation? Prove Them Wrong! I’m constantly being told-by strange Internet trolls-that I’m lazy and unhealthy. And they could not be more wrong. Be you and have the strength to rise above those negative perceptions by pushing yourself to be the best you can be!
Pigeon pose/one legged pigeon
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Good Morning Loves!! Today is Worldwide Anti Troll Day!!! ‪#‎WATD‬ So I feel it’s the perfect time to release this never before seen image shot by Tammy Nguyen Le - Photographer !! I truly LOVE this image! Why? This is me: hair curly, usually half dressed, in my favorite pair of socks, and rocking my curves proudly. Loving wife, writer, published author, body positive activist, and published model - My Weight Does Not Define Me.

Wearing ‪#‎DietIndustryDropout‬ crop top by Chubby Cartwheels
Rainbow & Unicorn socks from Sock it to Me - Extended Sizes https://www.facebook.com/sockittomesocks?fref=ts


my first article with Bustle !!!
“In a society that profits from our self-doubt, choosing to love oneself is an act of rebellion. When people see my husband and I - he, the "good-looking” male and me, the “fat” woman - supporting each other and showcasing our love, it challenges stereotypes.“
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