kats gay art

So in a fit of recent boredom, I just sketched a Hylia concept? This is my headcanon of her so I’ll guess I’ll explain it a little more. Hylia’s wings, on the statue could not be actual wings at all, or just part of her dress, so I kinda made it to where if she raises her arms, it would give an illusion of wings. Creatures would thing of her to have wings. As a goddess, I figured she wouldn’t have ‘human eyes’ so pupil-less seemed like a good go.. All and All, I just this this design is super cute and not the typical over-sexed Goddess. I could draw her more…not tiny but this was just me doodling so blah. This is a concept for a secret project I’m in so hold tight!

“…the dead can’t speak and there’s nothing left to say anyway
All you left behind
Is a chalk outline…”

Chalk Outline is a stand with the ability to infect the enemy with a small crystal that grows within the victim within three days time, restricting and crushing their organs from within, killing them. 

The user activates Chalk Outline by drawing a stick figure with the face of the victim they choose, and then Chalk Outline seeks out the victim within the range of a small city. This means the victim must be someone the user knows and knows their name and face as where as a guesstimate as to where the victim is in their range.

Chalk Outline’s body is made of hard crystal, and while not very good at melee combat, the stand makes up for it in defense. The crystal body acts as a sort of offensive shield, harming those who attack it, but is vulnerable to breaking if hit too many times. 

The stand enjoys floating in the air, making various poses and faces at those who cannot see her, mocking her potential victims. She’s a terrible prankster however, so relies on meme-ing her victims as well, unless told to infect them with the deadly crystal. 

Chalk mainly hangs with Stands she enjoys, meaning so far only Groovin’ Magic ( laurscreamisnotamused ‘s stand ), who only barely puts up with her memes and obnoxious talking.

Her sound effect is “bofa”

(Based on the Three Days Grace song, “Chalk Outline”)