Young Healer Katry

A physic of the Healer’s Guild. Showing talent from a young age, she’s studied healing since childhood, but she hates the sight of blood so much it’s difficult for her to work.

More Info
-Sent by the Healer’s Guild to join the Volunteer Army
-Have never went on trip with anyone before
-Will run at sight of blood because she’s scared of blood
-Will attack others to get away from blood
-Created Pirika’s fear of healing staff

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Crociera vacanze in barca a vela ad uso esclusivo con skipper ed hostess, uscite giornaliere, weekend.

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*Time and date: 10:09 07/23/2015 *Average hours of sleep: my sleeping schedule is too messed up to know *Birthday: January 16th 1997 *Gender: female *Sexuality: Straight *Height: 5'1" *Favorite color: lavender *One place that makes me happy: in the passengers seat, riding in the car listening to music with the windows down *How many blankets do you sleep under:1 *What are you wearing right now: Lol a roxy shirt and shorts. Pjs basically. *Favorite beverage: Pepsi *Favorite food: fried rice & orange chicken, pizza, pasta *Last movie you watched: Scott Pilgrim vs the World. *Dream vacation: all through Europe relaxing & exploring. *Wedding: a really cool wedding idea would be like a fairytale theme in the forest with flower crowns. cliche I guess. *Dream pet: foxx:)

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yes folks i finally was able to do walking sprites for all the trolls I rp.  Just in case you can’t read the names and blood color here is a quick run down. From top to bottom, left to right.

Syeria Petsha Blood color: Rust

Keaira Achlys Blood color: Crimsom

Bakula Tivona Blood color: Bronze

Cybele Tivona Blood color: Bronze

Dinnah Dexons Blood color: Yellow

Katris Leolin Blood color: Olive

Kukana Nanimo Blood color: Jade

Sekush Nanimo Blood color: Jade

Renais Oceana Blood color: Jade

Cassia Oceana Blood color: Jade

Gretan Zennon Blood color: Teal

Lupita Catori Blood color: Teal

Bonyal Raydas Blood color: Cerulean

Luupii Murkan Blood color: Indigo

Tierra Nobuko Blood color: Indigo

Melpom Psyche Blood color: Purple

Celest Bianes Blood color: Purple

Soliel Bianes Blood color: Purple

Xaviaá Tobias Blood color: Violet

Dulcie Melody Blood color: Violet

Gulzur Nalino Blood color: Lilac

Shadow Caisis Blood color: Fuchsia 

When I figure it out I am gonna do links to their bios and information. When I figure that shit out of course. But yeah. BAM. MORE THEN A WEEKS WORTH ON THIS