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Post the rules.
Answer the questions that the post asked and come up with 11 new ones.
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My Answers:

1. How did you get into tumblr? 
A: I got into tumblr when my friend Betty told me about it, and I got interested because of all the kpop photos, ugh my Lee Joon feels. 

2. Favourite singers/bands?
A: When it comes to favourite singers/bands I don’t have a top favourite honestly, I like a lot of groups. I’ll say my current favourite female group is Girl’s Day and my favourite male group would be MBLAQ, (probably because they just came back) 

3. Fandoms you are in?
A: I would say I’m an A+, J+, Inspirit, Angel, Dai5y, Sone, Say A, Secret Time and ELF. (I probably missed a few_

4. Most recomended anime/drama?
A: Sword Art Online and Guilty Crown.

5. Something you can’t live without
A: My family.

6. 5 things you always leave the house with.
A: Clothes on my body, ipod, cellphone, money/cards and vaseline. 

7. Reason behind your url name
A: uuhuhuhuh, my name LOOOOOOOOOL. no seriously, my name. 

8. Glass half full of hall empty?
A: On my depressing times, I would say half empty but when I want to be optimistic I say half full. 

9. Something on your bucket list
A: Make a difference in someone’s life

10. Samsung or iphone? and why?
A: Samsung, because I have one. hohohoohohho.

11. What country are you from?
A: Canadian Pride!


I Tag:



My Questions: 

1. Name one of the best experiences you’ve had.

2. How do you define beauty?

3. Ultimate Bias?

4. Favourite anime/cartoon character?

5. What are some nicknames people call you and what do you wish people would call you?

6. Where have you traveled to before?

7. What pets to you have? If you don’t have any, what do you wish want as a pet?

8. Kpop or Jpop?

9. What were you doing before this tag?

10. Name 5 goals you wish to accomplish by the end of this year.

11. What is your horoscope and do you believe in it? 


I love the way I’m always twinning with my best friend. We can basically read each other’s minds, laugh at the same stuff, cry together, fangirl over everything together, say things at the same time, dress in a similar style by complete accident, finish each other’s sentences and even do the same things when we aren’t even together. Always twinning.