Katrina is a “blooming lass, plump as a partridge, ripe, melting, and rosy-cheeked” who is very light on her feet and enjoys romance.

To me, Katrina’s flirting is akin to Brom’s pranking:

Though Brom was much given to madcap pranks and practical jokes, there was no malice in his mischief. Indeed, with his waggish humor and prodigious strength, Brom Bones was quite the hero, all the country round.

Analogously, Katrina is the closest the county has to a princess, being the only child of the richest farmer. The men treat her like royalty by giving her attention, setting her picnic, and carrying her packages. She accepts their favours and sometimes gives individual attention, in a playful but not overly sensual way.

Though Katrina is flirty, she’s not overly seductive - in fact, Katrina has limits:

You can do more with [other girls] but Katrina will kiss and run, to her, a romance is fun with always another one to start.

Considering that “every part of the Katrina’s heart was jealously guarded by a host of rustic admirers,” (aka “simple country bumpkins” by Ichabod), she has to set boundaries and doesn’t give preferential treatment (unlike Ichabod with mothers who can cook). She has fun and she maintains her values.

Katrina doesn’t allow anything other than holding hands, dancing, or a chaste kiss on the hand. Also, considering she would be an heiress, she would need to be careful since men might only want her for her family farm, i.e. money.

Katrina can’t help it that men admire her nor does she seem to be resented by any other girls for this. I don’t find her spoiled or entitled because, on the flipside, she doesn’t mind if others get the spotlight. For example:

  • Ichabod showing off dance skills in his solo at her party
  • Ichabod  as “man of the hour” with girls crowding him
  • Brom “dancing” with Tilda
  • Brom telling his story/song 

Although she usually gets attention, she doesn’t mind if others get attention and rarely, if ever, does she show jealousy or envy. And so, overall, I find Katrina a confident and carefree gal.

…a confident and carefree gal with a mischievous side >:)

We already know she likes casual romance but, before the story takes place, the narration states:

The ease with which Brom cleared the field of rivals both piqued and provoked the fair Katrina. And she often wished that some champion would appear for once and take the field openly against the boisterous Brom.

In a way, Brom was not only impeding on her fun but also he didn’t have any real competition until Ichabod came. And once they started to compete, “Katrina [] chose to stir the embers of the smouldering rivalry.”

This is partly due to her fun ways with romance but I believe it was also a way of her to see if Brom would have competed against a suitor who wouldn’t back down. Thus she used their rivalry to see if Brom really liked her - but, considering Brom’s history with his rivals, Katrina needed to encourage Ichabod a bit (=“Thus, one invitation in particular carried a most personal and provocative summons.”)

And so mischievous Katrina kept track of this rivalry with as much delight as the viewer, with particular attention to Brom’s reactions when Ichabod outdoes him:

  • Ichabod picks up her packages
  • Ichabod walks her from her horse
  • When Ichabod is inside her house
  • first, dancing with Ichabod and Brom is sitting on the bench
  • second, when Ichabod cuts in the dance and gets her back
  • (First, Brom falls over gate; Second, falls down outside) Both she and Ichabod see what’s going on

The only time Katrina checks on Ichabod is when he fell into the puddle and she gave him a handkerchief. She did also check on both of them from her window, right before Brom was going to punch Ichabod; perhaps her check to prevent the rivalry from going too far.

Overall, considering that Katrina has Brom on her mind more, I think she liked him more. And it makes sense that they marry. She’s fun-loving like Brom and her most joyful time is when she’s listening to his story, smiling and laughing. :D



You know, like Tiana with Belle, Moana have the same style design of Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna, just with a Polynesian nose. I know half of tumblr will complain that she’s a ripoff and half won’t say anything (but continue saying the Frozen girls are Rapunzel clones of course since the SJ community hates most the white princesses). But is it really that evil? Belle, Ariel and Tiana look like sisters to me but I don’t care. I can see several differences between Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa. Cinderella and Katrina van Tassel and Wendy and Alice have practically the same faces- but that doesn’t bother me because they’re all different people, and if you can’t see that, you ought to stop judging all characters by their appearance. Kinda defeats the purpose of their morals and lessons as the heroes.

anyway, I’m excited for Moana. The only thing I AM concerned about is that she sounds like yet another “rebellious girl with a cute animal sidekick” but hopefully Disney will prove

what really happened

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by Regentofthesun

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♛ Welcome to New Disney College, the happiest place on Earth ♛ 

We are a wonderful College, located in the beautiful New Disney, Ireland. Our students here are wonderful people, from all over the world, with one very key thing in common… They all have a past that they don’t know about.

Histories that seem like fairy tales,

Loves that were supposed to bridge time,

Friendships that seemed like they were unbreakable,

But now may never happen.

At NDC, we won’t tell you who you were, but we will help you get there. Maybe you’ll find something that strikes a memory. Maybe you’ll have a chance encounter.