Commission - Pesky Fly

“I wish this fly would stop bugging me, I’m just trying to get breakfast sorted!”

With her powers (and size) significantly drained by the energy blast, Weightless finds herself turning to someone she can trust for help. Unfortunately, the significantly shrunken superhero is finding it hard to attract the right kind of attention! Will Dex notice their mistake before breaking out the fly spray? Tune in next time to find out!

A gift for @deltaskydragon, drawn by goattrain!

(And for the record, I noticed fine after I’d had some tea)

in this day and age, we name the strongest hurricanes and cyclones after furious women wielding thunder in their hearts and lightning in their eyes.

debbie, irene, katrina. we lace their names with fear and that fear spreads like contagion from city to city until entire countries of men fall to their knees at the mercy of a huntress with a vendetta.

yet we fail to grasp why woman after woman hurls her anger at those who claim earth as their hearth but fail to treat it like home… with love, respect, and kindness.

we fail to grasp why your huntresses have turned in their bows and arrows for gifts of nature in their final attempt to restore and protect the world you once ran wild upon.

but i, for one, sense the warning behind every hurricane, typhoon, and cyclone.

i’ve heard of wilma, hazel, camille, and patricia — been taught to fear the destruction a single one of your huntresses can cause because finally we have found ourselves to be fighting a war even guns and bombs cannot defeat. but i know that although your huntresses are strong, their power is nothing compared to the havoc and destruction you alone could wreak.

it’s how i know that the day the earth is struck by you, artemis… your name shall be whispered with tortured remorse from ear to ear until generations have vanished and the beauty of the earth can prosper for evermore.

—  if artemis returned, c.j.n.

Hello! I’m Katrina (you can call me Kat, if you’d like). I’m 19 years old, and I’m currently a second year undergraduate music major at UC Berkeley, aiming towards becoming an audio engineer. I’ve been scrolling through different studyblrs for a while, and I decided to start my own as a way of motivating myself to do well in school!

Here are a few things about me:

  • I’m Chinese.
  • My personality type is INTJ.
  • I’m a pretty shy and quiet person, but I’m working on it! Feel free to send a message or start a chat and come talk to me anytime.
  • I can play eight different musical instruments (no, I’m not kidding), but piano and violin are my primary ones. I’ll let you try to guess what the other six are, just for fun.
  • I’m an audio/visual learner.
  • Studying at a top university is a perpetual struggle for me, hence “gloom,” but I’m trying my best to stay positive!
  • I’d like to learn Japanese and improve my Cantonese and Mandarin someday.
  • Sleepy Yachi Hitoka (my icon) from Haikyuu!! is basically me on a daily basis, lol (but seriously, her note-taking skills are goals).
  • In my free time, I’m probably sleeping, watching something, listening to music, having milk tea + boba with a friend, or making an edit for my main blog.

Some of my favorite studyblrs and musicblrs who inspired me to create my own:

@tbhstudying, @studyign, @studykouffee, @studyquill, @studylustre@studypetals, @kageyama-studies, @oikawastudies, @obsidianstudy, @intellectus@jinstudies, @sarahstudiesmusic

I hope you’re having a lovely day/night! Don’t forget to sm:)e!


SARIA: You know we weren’t prepared to have that responsibility put on us. Sure, we’re better off now, but don’t you remember how hard it was? How we had to put off our wedding for eleven years.

KATRINA: Eleven years is nothing compared to six hundred, Saria! I swear, you’re one of the most emotionally stunted people I’ve met! Why don’t you have any compassion? Why don’t you care?