katrina writes fic

Bucky and Tony both refuse to believe that Steve never banged either one of them.

Bucky’s all “even when I first came back I was like ‘Steve is hitting that SO HARD.’ What the hell happened?”

And Steve’s like, “Shit happened, man, I dunno. We might have, if things had been different. I love him, god knows I do, it was just… never going to work. Not with us being the people we ended up being.”

And Bucky’s like, “Your loss because he’s a fucking demon in the sack.”

And Steve’s like, “Thank you, Bucky, that’s exactly the response I was expecting to such a sentimental and heartfelt confession.”


“I still don’t believe you two never banged,” Tony said. “I mean, how did you not hit that?”

“Like brothers, Tony,” Steve said, not for the first time. “You have a brother now, you know. Do you want to bang Arno?”

“Of course not,” Tony scoffed. “His ass doesn’t look anywhere near that good.”