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The cast performing “Pierre” on GMA

Top Favorite Episodes of "TIMELESS" Season One (2016-2017)

Below is a list of my favorite episodes from Season One of the NBC series, “TIMELESS”.  Created by Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan, the series stars Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett and Goran Višnjić:


1.  (1.07) “Stranded” - The time traveling team of Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan and Rufus Carlin follow fugitive Garcia Flynn (who is determined to destroy the organization known as Rittenhouse) to 1754, during the French and Indian War, and find themselves stranded when his team sabotages their time machine, the Lifeboat.  Katrina Lombard and Salvator Xuereb guest starred.

2.  (1.13) “Karma Chameleon” - Wyatt and Rufus take an unauthorized trip back to Toledo, Ohio in 1983 in an effort to prevent the one-night stand between the parents of the man who ends up murdering Wyatt’s wife, Jessica.  

3.  (1.12) “The Murder of Jesse James” - The team travels back to April 1882, after Flynn saves outlaw Jesse James from being murdered by the Ford brothers.  Flynn uses the outlaw to help track down a former time traveling colleague.  They recruit  U.S. Marshals Bass Reeves and Grant Johnson to help them track down the pair.  Coleman Domingo, Daniel Lissing, Zahn McClarnon and Annie Wersching guest starred.  

4.  (1.04) “Party at Castle Varlar” - The team continues its search for Garcia Flynn in 1944 Nazi Germany,where they receive help from Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond.  Sean Maguire guest starred.

5.  (1.02) “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln” - The team struggles over whether to prevent the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865; when they learn that Flynn has formed ties with John Wilkes Booth.

Honorable Mention:  (1.15) “Public Enemy No. 1” - Lucy and Rufus and a suspended Wyatt divert from a mission in order to track down Flynn to 1931 Chicago.  They recruit Elliot Ness’ help, when they discover that Flynn has joined forces with Al Capone to find Rittenhouse member, Chicago Mayor William Thompson.  Misha Collins guest starred.

South of Nowhere Soundtrack - LISTEN HERE

I’ve posted this before, but what with girltrash setting off a load of old spashley feelings, I figured I’d add some tracks and repost it. Songs from all 3 seasons, mostly the ones featured in spashley scenes.

i don’t want to know (if you don’t want me) - the donnas (season 1 theme song)
wasted - LP (season 2 & 3 theme song)
perfect vision - montag (promo song)
you’re my girl - sharif (Ashley shows Spencer around Los Angeles. 1x01)
the best things - jaded era (Clay and Chelsea text each other. 1x05)
if i could - sara leib (Ashley watches Spencer talk about her first time. 1x05)
something in me - katelyn tarver (Ashley drops Spencer home after their day at the beach. 1x06)
top of the world - kate voegele (the Carlins clean up after the earthquake. 1x09)
ghost you know - lauren hoffman (Spencer and Ashley’s first kiss. 1x11)
reasons to fall - lauren loffman (Spencer wakes up in Ashley’s bed the morning after. 2x01)
hold onto me - ben broussard (Ashley talks to Spencer about Kyla. 2x02)
i could die of wanting you - lauri kranz (Spencer and Ashley talk in Ashley’s room - ‘why does everybody care so much who i’m in love with?’ 'or who i’m in love with.’ 2x07)
rock me to sleep - jill sobule (Aiden helps Spencer and Ashley run away. 2x08)
when you find the one - melissa etheridge (Spencer and Ashley dance in Chelsea’s studio. 2x11)
feel for me - katrina carlson (Spencer and Ashley briefly make up. 3x01/02)
never been hurt - sara melson (Spencer appears at Ashley’s door and drops her coat. 3x08)
dirty mind - sara melson (Ashley writes Spencer this song for her birthday. 3x12)