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Guys as a British desi person I can assure you guys that there are many and I mean many desi girls that look like katrina kaif (have exactly the same features as her and skin colour)

Forgive for sayying this but to me she doesnt look caucasian at all, to me she has the most north indian features than any actress i have seen so far in bollywood and omg there are other actresses who are is fairer than her so…… (dont forget shes from kashmir or probz another north indian place too guys like seriously)

Ok she may be used by directors to promote the notion of fair skin in bollywood but i am also pretty sure that fair skin notion was alive way before she even stepped foot in india

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I agree with the other asker on something, we can't blame Katrina for all the problems in the industry, but can we deny that she plays a big part in propagating them? From the films she chooses, the roles she accepts, as well as her sheer complacency from her seat within the industry. What has she done in all her time there, has she aspired to change anything as an actress? She is an exemplification of objectification, because she is a star, who is willingly sidelined to heros. She helps nothing

If you’re going to blame Katrina, then you have to blame every other actress who accepts roles where she’s objectified and sidelined by the heroes. You can’t just cherry pick who propagates these problems, it’s the entire industry. I know Katrina makes a convenient target because she’s not a good actress, but she’s not doing anything that any other heroine hasn’t done.

And I’m not saying that women can’t do things to help other women in their line of work, because they can, but why are we so insistent on blaming the actresses when in reality, it’s the men in the industry who have created these problems in the first place? And it’s the audience that accepts what’s given to them without questioning it. Katrina is on the lowest rung of the totem pole. Blame Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan. They barely give heroines anything to work with and then we turn around and blame them for taking what they can get. Does that sound fair to you?

I’m sorry but to say that Katrina is more responsible for this stuff than anyone else is ridiculous. And it’s funny because the general public is so ready to credit all her success to Salman Khan, but then people want to act like she has any real power to change things? 

Sleepy Hollow Recap: Winging It

Sleepy Hollow must’ve read a few too many women’s magazines as of late, because this week’s episode really takes the New Year: New You! theme to heart. Repeatedly, resoundingly, unrelentingly to he…

I’m no hater (and believe me, you need all the friends you can get right now, if Twitter is any indication), but the idea that Abbie and Ichabod owe you anything is so insane, it needs a bed at Tarrytown Psych. I’m not sure that screwing up spells, failing to kill Baby Moloch and getting captured — not to mention stranding Abs in Purgatory — entitles you to anything more than a membership in the Lame of the Month Club.

^^^Even TVLine is finally catching onto the whole Witches be crazy vibe LMAO.

~Double Trouble~

Elijah had left the house to do some errands in town for a few hours, Having no problem leaving Katrina in his bedroom where she had fallen asleep the night before. He had made sure to lock up the house as he left. What he had not known or expected was for his twins to come home from the Institute.

Claire and Kyle easily got in using their house key and since they didn’t know anyone else was in the house they weren’t exactly quiet about it as the shut the door and dropped their bags in their rooms. Afterwards the twins moved to the kitchen to make breakfast for themselves, well Kyle did anyways.

As he sat down with his sister to eat he looked around the room. “Something is different….but i have no idea what….”

“Your guess is as good as mine, Kyle, but i feel it too.


how do people consistently ignore legit criticism of the show to insist that viewer dissatisfaction is because of shipping? like how does this happn when shippers say in so many places that they are bothered by things that have nothing to do with shipping? 

I mean is it because the assumption is that shippers are women and therefore we must really only care about the romantic angle? Or are the people practicing reductive thinking really too stupid to understand complex ideas like having a son violate his mother’s body so she can be implanted with an evil fetus that will kill her with it’s birth is just disgusting?

like how hard is it to understand that I as a woman regardless of whom I ship was disgusted by this whole scenario? 

Let us dissect this fuckery, shall we?

KATIA SAYS: It’s going to take some big turns on Monday, for sure. I think for me, doing Katrina for nearly two years now, this has been the most fun toward the end of the season because I think she finally finds a purpose and somebody that’s completely and utterly on her side. And she, for the first time, will take a stand in Episode 17. And she really finds her feet in the show. So I think hopefully fans will like it. I certainly enjoyed playing that aspect of Katrina and I really liked the direction it’s going.

VICKLE SAYS: Katia’s POV of her own character explains why she plays Katrina the way she does. Katia sees Katrina as a victim of her own circumstances as opposed to the CHOICES SHE made for herself and other people. Katrina does not take responsibility for her actions but pitifully hides behind the “greater good” mantra. Even if she is still wrong, woman up and own it. The writers give her the words but she is never convicted in delivering them, imo.

She says that no one was really on her side but that is not true. Her husband may have rightfully resented her deceit but he remains on her side to the detriment of the rest of the population.

And let’s be honest. She was suppose to die in S1 which would have made perfect sense since her purpose was limited to begin with. The new direction and Goffman’s boner begat the question, How Do You Solve A Problem Like Katrina? And since Sway ain’t got the answers how the fuck would anyone else?

KATIA SAYS: […] I’d been pushing for Katrina to do more magic since Day 1 and finally, they’ve listened. And I think the fans have been wanting to see more of that too, because she’s a witch. It’s been fun to explore and see her family and her family line of witches and stuff. I think that’s a reminder of how important that is for her. Ichabod doesn’t understand it. When she meets the warlock, even though he’s considered evil, he points that out to her. He says, “Look. You’re like me. You should tap into your true magic.” And I think she, especially in Episode 15, is kind of dumbfounded. She starts to reevaluate her life and the choices that she’s made. I think she starts to really doubt that the choices that she did make were the right ones and maybe she doesn’t belong here. Maybe she belongs somewhere else. And she’s starting to explore that, obviously with the help of Henry, who is a very strong pull for her. There’s nothing like a mother’s love for her child. I think it’s definitely heading into a good direction.

VICKLE SAYS: If Purgatory reduced her powers I get it. And everyone gets it. But the problem was people hyping her up and Katrina letting that HYPE get in her head. The writers had her telling Ichabod she deserved favors because she helped them so many times and Ichabod, like a dumbfuck, (even though Tom definitely tried to give shade its due) agreed. If you can’t do full on magic still be useful. Trying to get Team Witness to save your evil ass son is not useful. Having Quince Parties with your ex and NOT spying is not useful. I understand Katia wants to stick up for her character but, like c’mon sis. Being willfully ignorant is not gonna get the job done.

Later in the article she’ll say she was maybe using the wrong kind of magic which explains why she doesn’t have full power. The fuck? Like nooooooo. Just no. Don’t let the writers get away with that Katia. Katrina was powerful enough when she put Ichabod in the ground so no. They fucked up. Plain and simple.

Also Ichabod doesn’t understand Katrina because she lied about who she was and then once it was all out has not attempted to explain a damn thing about her true past, her family or anything thay could help him understand her choices a bit better. How can someone attempt to understand you if you don’t even give them something to work with?

Speaking of choices…still no agency. Henry and Christina Applegate’s ex are controlling her decisions and “helping” her find her true self. She is still a willing puppet. Compare this to Frank Irving who is a literal puppet for evil but still managed to do things on his own terms. Katia needs to point out how uncool and sexist that is since she is being super honest.

KATIA SAYS: Definitely. There’s absolutely a chance. Good and evil, it’s all a matter of perspective. Evil doesn’t necessarily have to mean evil in Katrina’s eyes. It’s the reasoning behind it and taking a stand for something. And what she’s done so far in Season 2 hasn’t really worked for her. So maybe it’s just a matter of accepting one’s true self or maybe just exploring that side and seeing how that works out.

VICKLE: I guess. I don’t know if I believe in absolute relativism. I believe there is universal good and evil. Your reasoning is a mere justification for the side you choose but that doesn’t mean the truth of what you stand for is not set in stone. If she chooses Team Apocalypse no matter her rationale, it is evil and Katrina can think otherwise but, again, to me it’s Katia’s way of not really having her character own her choices. Henry does not give a fuck. He knows he ain’t shit and does not care. And we all just have to deal. I will respect her so much more if she is like fuckyeahteamapocalypse!

KATIA SAYS: […]Obviously, he feels betrayed and has been betrayed by Katrina many times. But it’s her point of view. She doesn’t see it that way. She’s frustrated because nobody seems to understand that she did all those things for the greater good, for the bigger picture. She’s not necessarily focused on these little things. I think this will probably be the ultimate betrayal in Ichabod’s eyes, but it’s a betrayal on both sides.

VICKLE: And this is where we have a problem with Ichatrina as a couple. . Because Katia plays Katrina just like that. Completely and utterly insensitive, dismissive, and unfeeling toward what she has done. If she chose the mission over being a good partner to her husband fine. But call it what it is: Ichatrina was a mission for the greater good. I absolutely get it and understand! You gotta do shit sometimes that is messy. But what kills me is how she can justify her characters actions as doing what’s best for the world in spite of how it will complicate her personal life, and then simultaneously try to make us sympathetic to her choosing Henry over the greater good. So contradictory.

If Katrina could do all she did for the mission regardless of who else it hurt then why can’t she see Henry for who he is and sacrifice her so called personal life for the same cause?

Katrina expects Abbie, Jenny, Frank, Ichie, and even Headless to sacrifice for her choices, to understand why, then flip the script on them and they should accommodate that too? No. No. No

KATIA SAYS: Maybe. Yeah, a little bit. I think it pans out. She doesn’t really have a choice. And I’m hoping fans will be on board with the direction she’s going. But it’s always going to be mixed. There’s always a divide. I am prepared for that.

VICKLE SAYS: And this is again very manipulative. Because now she’s cornered into doing evil things so we have to feel sorry for her. She doesn’t have choice…doesn’t sound powerful to me.

KATIA SAYS: God, I’ve had a hard time at times. I’m doing the best with what I’ve given. I’m not in control over the story lines, so I’ve at times been frustrated with certain things. So I totally see why it’s been difficult for fans. Because Katrina wasn’t really established in Season 1. She came out of Purgatory in Season 2 and Ichabod already has a relationship with Abbie that works great and they have great chemistry. I think Katrina hasn’t really had her purpose until this point. She’s been a source, an asset, in moments and times, and she’s been torn between Ichabod and Headless. She’s been trying to do this good thing, but she always seems to upset people. There’s always someone upset with Katrina. Her son or Ichabod or Abbie or Headless, you know? She seems to be in that situation a lot, which has been frustrating on all ends. She might go to the evil side, but still that’s a strong choice. She hasn’t really had that strength that I think people expect from a witch. Especially because it’s been said so many times in the series, “She’s got so much power!” and then she hasn’t been able to prove it yet. So I think that’s where a lot of the frustration lies. And also the fact that a lot of people don’t like the idea of Ichabod being with someone else other than Abbie. That doesn’t help.

VICKLE SAYS: I can’t. Someone else tackle that clusterfuck.

KATIA SAYS: Um… I don’t think that’s ever been the plan [for romantic Ichabbie]. But I do see why people like them together. Their chemistry is great and the way the characters are written, it’s really cool. I’m all for Abbie in that sense. People want them to get together romantically, [but] it would be a whole other show. Keeping Ichabbie for what it is now is great. And then whether Katrina will still exist or not, that’s another question. But yeah, I’m all Ichabbie. I think they’re definitely a good team. That’s why they’ve had so many issues also, because Katrina is not Ichabod’s partner in that sense anymore.


Yeah, we’ll take your insight over Ichabbie since your character was soooo integral to the show they thought about offing you in S1. I guess she was there from the show’s conception. Silly rabbit.

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Why do you hate Katrina so much? I think once she stops being kidnapped she'll be really useful being a witch and all

I’m glad you asked! I actually have an almost-finished meta post about her (that I’ve ended up just nabbing parts of at times when needed so if you recognize stuff that’s why) in my drafts that I can use with some final editing:

Lets start from the start: I wanted to love her, I really wanted to love her, or at least like her, to the extent where I’d need another post to explain why I wanted it so badly (but basically most of them were pretty shitty). And for most, if not all, of season one I really tried - even after shipping Ichabbie was a thing that was definitely happening (damn you 106, you point-of-no-return!). Even after the season was over and I got over my initial disappointment about her I still clung to the hope that she could somehow be rebooted, that coming into the 21th century and getting out of purgatory could magically transform her into a different person and somehow there could be explanations for all the weirdness and inconsistencies and nonsense surrounding her. I no longer think that, I don’t think there’s any salvaging a character built on such shaky foundations (they’ve planned to kill her twice - once at the start of the show and then in the finale), and so that’s where I am now. Now as to how I got there…

Problem 1: Show, don’t tell

The first problem with Katrina is in her whole presentation. We’re told she’s a powerful witch, we’re told she’s the love of Ichabod’s life, we’re told she’s all kinds of amazing and special from both Ichabod and from the writers in interviews - and none of that mean anything when what we see doesn’t match up, or isn’t even shown at all.

Her powers are, when put to the test and called for, unreliable and inconsistent at best, her “great connection” with Ichabod is not seen in the acting and their relationship is riddled with lies and secrets, and her major role in season one is to show up, drop some exposition - most of which we already knew and Ichabod had/could have deduced on his own - and uselessly vague clues, and provide Ichabod with the quest of saving her while withholding important information on how to do that, why she’s there in the first place, and other things that would have come in damned handy for Ichabod and Abbie’s fight. 

Don’t tell me a character is badass, powerful, amazing, spirited, passionate, etc etc - show me. This show manages it with all other characters, but with Katrina it’s not there in the writing, it’s not there in the acting, it’s not there in the directing. I blame all of those aspects for her failure as a character, but especially the writers because most of my points here are to do with plot holes and shadiness and just plain old fail writing. And bad writing upsets me, especially on otherwise good shows.

Problem 2: The facts don’t add up

Katrina was a Quaker, a humble nurse, a spy and the powerful witch leader of a coven and yet her marriage to Abraham was arranged? Who by? We haven’t heard a peep about her parents but presumably they weren’t of high stature if she was a nurse and a Quaker. How do all these roles add up and fit together? It’s like she just shows up in whatever form is useful for the plot with no transition or explanation for the changes. 

The whole Ichabod/Horseman death and resurrection is full of questions as well - what was she TRYING to do and did she actually do it or did something go wrong? Why did at least one member of her coven assist her but then the coven threw her in purgatory for it? With an amulet to protect her? 

Honestly I’d have to make a whole seperate post in order to list ALL the things about Katrina that don’t add up - and possibly I will since I’m bored - but basically: she doesn’t make sense. 

Problem 3: Lies/untold truths

Things that may have been of interest to Ichabod and/or Abbie: Abraham is Death. Katrina is in purgatory because she’s his prize. Ichabod had a son. Getting Katrina out of purgatory will require someone staying behind. Katrina is a witch. 

Katrina knew all these things and didn’t offer them up until prompted or at the very last possible minute. She knew Ichabod was a Witness when they MET - didn’t explain what that meant, didn’t mention being a witch, and even more baffling: he didn’t even ask (another strange thing about her = Ichabod’s complete blindness to her shadiness)! That’s just shitty writing, 100% straight-up BAD writing, or clever foreshadowing indicating her being evil but I don’t even have hope in that anymore. Appearantly they wrote her as shady on purpose in order to distract from Henry being evil, but they never bothered to actually explain any of it. Again: bad, bad, sloppy writing. 

Problem 4: All the wrong tropes

Katrina on the show is, for the very most part, defined by her relationship to 3 men - Ichabod, Jeremy and Abraham. Aside from her being a Quaker, nurse and witch we know basically nothing about her that doesn’t directly involve them, and even those things are just headlines without much detail at all. She’s a ghost of a character, a non-entity - a device more than a person, and she very rarely is shown as having agency and control over her own life. 

More than anything she - this supposedly powerful witch - is now a damsel in distress for the second time, and has been a useful member of the team for a grand total of 2 seconds (if you even count her barely levitating a twig and locating a patch of dirt) during her entire time on the show. She’s there to be rescued, to be Ichabod’s quest objective, not as a fully formed character/person. 

As far as feminist characters go, she’s the textbook definition of failure - it’s like they ticked every box in the “make a shitty female character” form and waved a wand and Katrina appeared, and that pisses me off. And sometimes it’s easier (and more fun) to take it out on her as a character, to “hate”, and well - hate I do, but it’s hate based on concrete facts and evidence frustration and fully aimed at the writers for failing her. I don’t hate her because she’s in the way of Ichabbie - that’s in there, somewhere, to be sure, but I could handle that if she wasn’t such a painfully depressing character, if she didn’t also frustrate me on every other level. 

I would actually be delighted if she turned out to do something useful for once, because at least then I’d understand her purpose on the show, see a reason why the writers have kept her around and talked her up so much. I’d love it if she started acting like an actually good and intriguing character because then I’d understand why Ichabod has been gaga over her all this time. I still feel she’ll end up being Ichabod’s past, that they have too much baggage to work and transition into modern times as a couple while dealing with the Jeremy situation, and that the show wouldn’t work with her in the mix since it relies so heavily on Tom and Nicole’s partnership and chemistry (romantically or not), so beyond the usual irrational shipper panic I’m not even all that worried for Ichabbie. I just want to understand what the fuss is about, and it annoys me that I’m denied that. 

  • Katrina Fan: Why don't you like Katrina? Is it because of Abbie? It's because of Abbie isn't it? You want Abbie to be with Ichabod?
  • Fellow Sleepyhead: Well, actually. *lists questions about/problems with Katrina's character*
  • Katrina Fan: .....It's because of Abbie, isn't it? God, shipping wars are so harmful, guys.