katrina pallon illustrations


A quick update on things that have been keeping me busy apart from preparing for two major exhibitions (a solo one towards the end of this month, and a two-man show on September):

  • Shoe Art. I have recently been commissioned to paint a couple of pairs of canvas shoes for a brand that will be launched in Manila. To prepare for painting the actual shoes, I decided to practice on this cheap pair (they’re less than 200 pesos). I’ll be posting more about the project and the shoes I’m currently working on really soon.
  • Tattoo Designs. I found time the past weekend to work on overdue designs, which seemed like a breather as I have been working over the past months non-stop on huge oil pieces. The one with skulls and roses is intended to be a backdrop for an already existing raven tattoo. I have a few more unfinished ones, but that will have to wait until after the June exhibit.