katrina pallon art


In May last year, I received an email from Ms. Ann White of Florida asking for my permission to use my painting, “Spanish Rose,” as an inspiration/ pattern for her quilt project as she was taking a quilting class on color and composition at that time. I said yes. Fast forward to present day, I received an email from her with the following photos attached. She has given me permission to share these. I’ve also included a photo of my painting for reference.

“Hi Ms. Pallon,

I am including our prior correspondence for your convenient reference. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Last Wednesday, I finally finished this quilt project and I entered it in our local Quilt Guild’s annual quilt show this weekend. There were approximately 200 quilts entered. In the "wall quilt” category, my project won SECOND PLACE!!!!! This has been my first ever entry in a quilt show.

I sincerely hope that you will be proud of my use of your Spanish Rose. It was much more difficult than I was anticipating to translate using fabric - and of course I couldn’t come close to capturing the full beauty of your Spanish Rose. Trying out beading was another much more difficult venture! But I couldn’t be more happy with the result. I am attaching some photos and sincerely hope that you will like what I did with your Spanish Rose. Your art has given me such inspiration and I can never thank you enough for being so generous! As you can see by the quilt show sign, you were indeed given artistic credit!!!!!

-Ann White"

Her email completely made my day, and I am truly proud and in awe of her beautiful work.