katrina doyle

I’ve recently been re-watching the Wentworth series before season 5 releases on April 5, and I just now finished season 1. I said it once and I’m going to say it again…. What the actual fuck happened to Erica Davidson?

Watching Wentworth's Season finale like...

Maxine having her hair fall out: crying
Booms not being pregnant: crying
Watching Sonia expertly shave off Maxine’s hair: mind blown
Franky having a gun pointed at her: crying
Franky surviving: crying
Franky hugging Shayne after their scuff: crying
Bea wanting to know if Allie was okay: crying
Bea talking to Allie on the phone: crying
Bea sacrificing herself for the people she loves (Romeo and Juliet style): crying and screaming
So an even smaller summary of the finale: crying