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What was the deal with the Katrina-Deepika hug in 2014? Why did katrina hug her back and then ask 'why is she hugging me'? I don't get Katrina at all

lol what was she supposed to do, shove her off of her? I think she was just caught off guard.

That’s actually one of my favorite moments caught on film because it’s so relatable. It’s like getting cornered by a relative you dislike at a family function, and as soon as they walk away you’re like, WTF just happened?

I mean, it’s like Deepika wishing Katrina a happy birthday when Katrina wasn’t even on Twitter. There’s really no reason for them to interact and everyone knows they don’t like each other (it’s alluded to in every other episode of KWK), so public displays of affection would catch anyone off guard.


My classes are over, my youngest siblings came up from Florida for Chris’ graduation, and someone at church told me I looked like a Studio Ghibli protagonist.

It has been a good week.


Bollywood Song Posters: Celebrity Edition
 ↳ Katrina Kaif

Happy birthday to, hands down, the sweetest person in the Bollywood fandom and dear friend…my lovely Malika. You know I must love you a lot to spend all this time on Katrina…but as a birthday present to you I must also admit this was kind of fun! You deserve all of the happiness in the world I hope you get it today, bb. <3333


Aaja Naach Mere Saath (2015)
Starring: Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor & Shahid Kapoor.

Four friends are brought back together after several years when all of them decide to join the same dancing competition, each one of them with a reason of their own. They soon realize that the only way to win is by working together, but are they ready to leave the past behind?

Happy Birthday Sunniyah ♥


Guys never looked at me. I always had crushes on older seniors who never looked at me. So, when I tell directors that I wanna play that girl who gets rejected, they’re like, ’Why?’ I tell them it’s because I relate to that girl much more than being the girl who makes jaws drop when she walks into a room.                                                                               — Katrina Turquotte Kaif (July 16, 1983)