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What was the deal with the Katrina-Deepika hug in 2014? Why did katrina hug her back and then ask 'why is she hugging me'? I don't get Katrina at all

lol what was she supposed to do, shove her off of her? I think she was just caught off guard.

That’s actually one of my favorite moments caught on film because it’s so relatable. It’s like getting cornered by a relative you dislike at a family function, and as soon as they walk away you’re like, WTF just happened?

I mean, it’s like Deepika wishing Katrina a happy birthday when Katrina wasn’t even on Twitter. There’s really no reason for them to interact and everyone knows they don’t like each other (it’s alluded to in every other episode of KWK), so public displays of affection would catch anyone off guard.

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katrina caliente aaannnnddddd j huntington II

katrina caliente: what are some flirty mishaps you’ve had?

idk if I told this story, it’s not a flirty mishap per say but it is the reason why I can never get a guy, one time this guy who was a son of my mom’s friend. I didn’t know him, vice versa. He was around my age and p good looking and I went downstairs to get some ice cream because I figured “he’s not going to talk to me” and I was eating my ice cream out of the tub, he comes downstairs, looks at me, and asks “what kind of ice cream do you have?” and I sat there, acted cool, as if I was the older one even though he was like a few inches taller than me so I don’t think he can tell, he starts talking to me about stuff like if I like basketball, what’s my favorite colour, telling me how nice my house is, dropping dumb pick up lines (help) so I pretended I got a call (because I can’t handle these situations r u kidding me), texted my best friend and screamed at myself. And that’s when jillian knew she’d never get a boyfriend ok thanks :)

j huntington II: how would you describe your sense of style?

better than yours.

nah jk, it’s like a mix of aesthetic clothes and like casual kpop fashion (what does that even mean??) idk I should post pics and ask or something.

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based on your townie themed asks thing, i dare you to answer katrina caliente

katrina caliente: what are some flirty mishaps you’ve had?“

well, i don’t really flirt with people bc there are .5 lesbians my age near me but i accidently kissed my friend’s hand in 3rd grade and everyone shipped us. jokes on those bitches because i’m gaaaaaay

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Hey Brooke, did you read the new Katrina Kaif magazine interview? It makes her sound so sad. What do you think about it?

(a link to the interview scans for whoever is interested)

If you have any interest at all in the whole Katrina-Ranbir-Deepika-Salman relationship, you HAVE to read this interview.

Number one, I’m shocked she said the things she did. She basically makes it clear that her relationship with Ranbir is….shaky, that she doesn’t like him working with Deepika, that she has daddy issues that have affected her relationship with men, that she isn’t close to the Kapoors. For someone who never really opens up about anything ever, she made herself really vulnerable here.

I don’t know how you can read this and not feel sad for her. I mean, she really does seem like a good person who deserves to be treated better than she has been/currently is, and even if you don’t like her I think you at least have to admire how self-aware she is. It really drives home the fact that Ranbir Kapoor has had two women who are obviously completely devoted to him and based on past behavior and the way Katrina talks about him in this interview, I’m not sure he deserves it. 

Not to get weirdly faux-deep about this, but it always kind of blows my mind that we spend so much time speculating about celebrities and their private lives/personalities, and then interviews like this come out and it’s a reminder that we’re talking about human beings here. Like, Katrina and Deepika and Ranbir aren’t stock characters in a drama, they’re real people and when they open up like this, you see how relatable they are. And it kind of reminds you not to be a dick when you’re talking about them.

I don’t know, I kind of wanna hang out with Katrina Kaif now. She’s a cool girl and she sounds like she could use a hug :/


The Longest Bollywood Movie-star Chain Letter with Rajeev Masand

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Prompt: love at first sight | Pretty Faces | Klaudia and Aaron

[oh boy. come to think of it, we haven’t worked out Aaron’s and Klaudia’s first meeting and such… at least not entirely]


Christ, of all the things that could have happened… Aaron had to get lost… in the middle of Germany. On the one hand, he didn’t mind, it wasn’t as though anyone had kidnapped him (yet), on the other, though,he had to be back on the base by early morning tomorrow.

He rubbed his head a little as he sighed, he had to find a way back. Maybe he could call Chris, and he could come find him “Fuck,” he muttered, putting his hands on his hips.

There was then a gentle hand on his shoulder. Tensing, he turned to see a young woman behind.  There was a concerned look on her face… her very pretty face at that. No, Aaron… stop that.

“Are you lost?” she asked, she had a strong German accent, but otherwise seemed to speak English just fine.

Aaron pursed his lips before nodding, feeling actually very embarrassed “… Yeah…” he admitted sheepishly.

“Where are you trying to go?” she asked.

“The military base” he told her.

The young woman smiled, and he felt a jab in his chest. No, why was she so cute? “I know how to get you there” she told him, she took out a notepad “Would you prefer English?” she asked.

“Please” he said, watching her.“ She smiled, with a nod, and began writing on one of the pages.

"You are an American soldier?” she asked, as she continued to write.

“Yeah,” he said “my name’s Aaron" 

"I am Klaudia” she replied, smiling up at him as she took out the paper “Do you like it here in Germany?”

“Other than getting lost?” he said, taking the paper “Yeah,actually” he told her. He looked over the paper “You have such neat handwriting…” he said out loud. 

“Thank you,” Klaudia said. She wrote on another piece of paper and handed it to him “If you ever need help, this is my number” she told him “It is my cellphone number” she told him.

“Um,thanks” Aaron said, slowly taking the paper. That was oddly friendly. He looked over the number, and gave her a small smile “Thanks” he said, he took out a pen from his pocket and carefully wrote down his own number and ripped it off to hand it to her “That’s mine”

“Thank you” she piped, putting the paper into her pocket “I suppose you have to get to your base”

Aaron nodded “Yes, but… I’ll give you a call” he told her “Thank you” he told her, turning away as he walked off. He slowly breathed out as he walked down the road,he was starting to feel like a school boy around her. He glanced at the papers she had handed to him, and smiled a little.

Paradise Lost

Okay! So…that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be? Granted, I have spent the last week trying to will myself into a state of zen non-attachment to the show so my expectations were at rock-bottom. I didn’t say it was good, but it only made me roll my eyes, not actively want to punch my TV.

No, it didn’t deal with Irving’s death (and it absolutely should have), but I never expected it to, so there wasn’t much to be disappointed with there. Yes, there was a lot of Katrina nonsense, but anytime she’s onscreen there’s nonsense so no point in getting bent out of shape there. But there’s some interestingish stuff happening regardless. 

I haven’t read what anyone else has thought about the episode, so here are my unfiltered thoughts:

  • The opening flashback to the day Moloch and Irving died was pointless, but I was so glad it wasn’t a fake-out cold open I’ll allow it. PLUS, let’s note that Abbie’s first thought is, “Where is my sister?” #Mills Militia 5 Eva
  • “Henry risked everything to save me,” Katrina said. Uh. No. He (A) was trying to spite his demon daddy, not save you, and (B), he pretty much risked nothing. You lose.
  • Crane just half-assedly looks around a large wooded area and immediately assumes Henry is gone? Like, dude could have fallen into a leaf pile.
  • Abbie “there’s arsenic in the water you better drink bottled” Mills has never eaten a grapple. But Crane calling it “a union that hardly seems necessary” is just trolling, right?

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Prompt: odd smell | Pretty Faces | Klaudia and Klaus

[Oh, this could be interesting]


Klaudia slowly tip toed behind Klaus, a grin on her face. She stood up on her tip toes, reached out her hands, and covered his eyes “Guess who!” she piped.

Klaus was caught off guard by the sudden blackness, but smiled “Oh, I don’t know” he said, feigning thoughtfulness “Could it be, Klaudia?” he suggested, reaching back and tickling his sister’s belly.

The woman squeaked and removed her hands to cover her belly “Don’t tickle me” she said, backing away from him.

“Well, don’t cover my eyes when I am in the middle of cooking” Klaus said, lightly poking the tip of Klaudia’s nose. He smiled and turned back to cutting up the meat.

Klaudia peered around him “It smells oddly in here” she told him, looking over the meat. It didn’t seem bad… why did it smell like that?

Klaus looked confused and concerned, and tried very hard not to show the panic welling up in hi chest, “Well, I have had it for some time… perhaps it is going bad” he said, picking up a piece of already cut meat, he gave it a smell “Hm, yes it has gone bad” he sighed. He refused to feed Klaudia anything vaguely resembling bad food. Bringing the garbage pail to the counter, he pushed the meat into it “There, I will cut up something else” he told her.

The man turned to the fridge, and bit his lip. Thank Gods, she didn’t seem to realize what the smell really was. But he would have to pay better attention to how long he had the food. He couldn’t feed his sister bad food…

She was already sick as it was…

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Mark Goffman answering a question about Katrina: 1k words no one wants read. Tom Mison answering a question about Katrina: 13 words (Yes, I counted). Mark Goffman answering a question about Abbie: 100 words featuring a but Katrina, look at Katrina. Tom Mison answering a question about Abbie: 987962108569k words of an Abbie Mills stan. Fire Mark! Tom for Sleepy Hollow Producer!