Katrin Fridriks (b.1974, Iceland/Germany/France) - Crayons / Code DNAnd Munitions

Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, urban iconoclast Katrin Fridriks has lived in Luxembourg, Germany and the US and currently works from her studio in Paris, producing large-scale works for an eclectic International roster of collectors and curators. Through her hyperkinetic abstract paintings, Fridriks fuses the natural energies of her native Iceland – fire, water, earth and air – with contemporary pop art, graffiti and calligraphic references to create a unique visual universe. Her passion for architecture inspired her to create conceptual installations still using canvas and paint. Beyond her resolutely modern pictorial expression, Katrin Fridriks is continuing her research into matter and colour with the avowed intent to place technique at the service of artistic expression.

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