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Yeah I’m just gonna… put this under a read more because wtf this is long :’D thanks @goddessasteria for tagging me though^^ @quiiiznak you go do this, not sure if my other friends would be up to answering so many things…


a. NAME: Katrin or short - Kat

b. AGE (and birthday!): 17th March, I’m 19

c. SEXUALITY: ace, biromantic

d. GENDER: female

e. COUNTRY: Germany

f. FAVORITE AESTHETIC: idk this is hard D: the sky, probably? the ocean? space??

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pd101 get to know me tag

tagged by @danik-chu , thank u!! 🍑

Name: katrin

Nickname: kat

Age: 18 

Star Sign: capricorn

Height: 5′4

Sexual Orientation: very gay

Hogwarts House: slytherin 

Favourite Colour: love pastel colours but lately i’ve been really into yellow

Favourite Animal: C A T 

Average Hours of Sleep: 8 - 10 hours; i value a good nights sleep v much

Number of Blankets: one!

Favourite Singer/Band: (only music wise) drug restaurant, suzy, girls generation

Dream Trip: i’d love to just go somewhere far away and travel with only a bagpack idk i like the idea of not really knowing where life takes me and that just translates to traveling as well

Dream Job: whatever has to do with IT but i’ll settle with anything that makes me happy really

When Was Your Blog Created: this one on June 25th 

Current # of Followers: ask me if you really wanna know

What Made You Create Your Tumblr: just wanted a place where i could translate stuff and scream abt daniel without haters following me lmao

I’m tagging @queen-danik @yoonjsung @kngniel @wanna-one @parkji-hoons @peachyniel